Bachelor in Communication Have an influential voice in society

The Bachelor in Communication

Is for individuals who are...

creative, cosmopolitan, and open to the world. You identify yourself as a global citizen and aspire to bring about better understanding between cultures and communities

Looking for...

a program that develops your capacity to think critically and approach society from multiple perspectives. You want to gain the technical skills that will allow you to become an influential voice in today’s society

To become...

  • a journalist
  • a corporate communication manager
  • a social network entrepreneur
  • a visual media creator · An advertising champion

Our Bachelor in Communication is for those who want to become an international communicator, someone with an influential voice in society. This program provides a solid grounding and foundation in the practice of Communication and the option to focus in one of 3 major areas: Journalism, Corporate Communication and Visual Communication. Our unique faculty is comprised of both academics and practitioners who offer students an integration of academic knowledge and practice-based learning, in the context of a truly international environment.




4 years






Why study the Bachelor in Communication at IE University

Learn with a unique faculty

Our unique faculty of academics and practitioners exposes students to the latest academic trends as well as to the practice of communication in society today. From this you receive a rich diversity of ideas and knowledge, together with critical and intellectual reflections on contemporary society and culture, which specifically contributes to your training as a global communicator.

In-depth knowledge

Thanks to its comprehensive syllabus, this program allows you to gain a sound knowledge and develop essential skills in all areas of communication. You can specialize in an area of your choice, furthering your proficiency as a modern day communicator.

Use the latest technologies

The MediaLab consists of state-of-the-art
studios equipped with the latest tools and
digital technologies. From the start of the
program you will create, design and publish
your ideas, developing your own style of

Beyond Class Experience

Take what you learn in class out to the real world through a variety of practicebased learning formats, as well as case studies and workshops. Students may also complete internships, monitored by their advisor, in a variety of international companies.

The Media Lab

The MediaLab unites the latest technology with innovation and creativity. It is an environment to experiment and learn, using the latest tools in the varied fields of communication. The studios are equipped for writing, editing and broadcasting for educational and institutional purposes across platforms including TV, radio, websites and blogs. The MediaLab also helps foment the integration of knowledge. You will work on projects and assignments together with your fellow classmates, using this facility as a space to collaborate and exchange

Right from the start of the program you can begin producing content through various channels and formats. By the end of your degree program you will have built up a portfolio of audiovisual materials that you can present in your CV, giving you an advantage as you start your professional career.

The MediaLab offers the following facilities:

  • Digital/Multimedia writing tools
  • Editing rooms
  • Television: control room, production studio, editing booths, loan room and/or equipment storage room
  • Production studio
  • Radio: studio and control room
  • Digital and analog photography laboratory