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Because our students have unique aspirations, we help you to customize your study path in order to reach your career goals, with the guidance of an advisor who is your mentor and helps you integrate all the elements of your program in order to build a strong professional profile.

Create a tailored academic program by choosing from an extensive range of components offered in the program. In addition to the core components of the Bachelor in Communication, students can choose to carry out specific internships, work in a variety of IE Labs, and participate in advanced seminars which cover certain academic topics in depth. You can find below a list of all the schemes that will enable you to achieve your professional objectives.

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Internships give you direct contact with individuals involved within the communication field and the opportunity to be an active participant in projects for companies and organizations, gaining valuable professional experience. The overriding aim is to provide high quality internship experiences that challenge you and give you experience in the professional areas in which you want to build your career.
The following are some of the companies or communication agencies where students in the Bachelor in Communication have done their internships:
  • Argus Communication, Boston, U.S.A
  • Holcim, Bucarest,  Romania
  • NRZNeue Ruhr Zeitung, Germany
  • International Media, U.S.A.
  • Schröder + Schömbs PR, Berlin, Germany
  • Polish Catholic Press Agency, Poland
  • El Mundo, Editorial, Spain
  • Radio Nacional de España, Spain
  • Recoletos Grupo de Comunicación S.A., Spain
  • Caritas, Spain
  • Agencia Europa Press, Spain
  • La Gaceta de los Negocios, Spain
  • Cadena COPE, Spain
  • Cuatro TV. Spain
  • Onda Cero, Spain
  • Cadena SER, Spain
  • Radio Televisión Española (RTVE), Spain



IE Labs allow University students to be in touch with the professional world right on campus through consultancies, research and projects with leading companies, institutions and non-profit organizations. The wide variety of projects provides students the opportunity to be involved with professionals and academics in new ways.Additionally, during the program students can also carry out internships, working in different sectors and gaining professional skills and an international profile that are highly valued by employers.


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The IE Start-Up Lab is an incubator where students can develop their business plans and make them investment ready, with the guidance of professors and entrepreneurs. Students are given further resources with the support of IE Business School’s Venture Lab, where they can pitch their idea to potential investors at IE Venture Days and turn their ideas into reality.


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Advanced Seminars complement the core degree by giving students deeper knowledge of subjects in their major area of study, and enable students to integrate other fields of study into their program.


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Take your education one step further
Become highly qualified with a master’s degree at IE.
In an increasingly challenging and fast paced world, the demand for professionals with a specialized Master who excel in an international environment is continuously increasing. By taking your education one step further, you will be provided with the essential skills that will build not only your character and mindset, but that will also meet the needs of the specific field you wish to work in, including the private and public sectors or your own business venture
Graduating from the Bachelor in Communication gives you preferential access to study one of the many master programs offered at IE. You can complete a Bachelor and Master’s degree in as little as 5 years, and gain a competitive skill set upon which to build a successful career.


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