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17/07/2014. Madrid (SPAIN)

Admission Test

18/07/2014. Segovia (SPAIN)

Campus Tour with IE Students

18/07/2014. Lisbon (PORTUGAL)

Admissions Test

22/07/2014. Munich (GERMANY)

Admissions Test


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05/21/2014 - 16:12 - Hay Festival, IE University

Debate focuses on Europe at Hay Festival Segovia 2014

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Advanced Seminars


Most Students will find that their Advanced Seminars have been among their most memorable and intellectually enriching academic experiences at IE University. They are fun, intense, and challenging, an opportunity for students to engage in depth with a subject on which a professor is an expert.  
The interdisciplinary knowledge that the Advanced Seminars offer is a key aspect of your studies at IE University. Advanced Seminars not only give  students deeper knowledge of their major area of study, but students can also integrate other disciplines into their studies in order to build knowledge and competencies in areas that go beyond their specialization. 

Advanced Seminars are quite similar in structure to regular courses, and are taught in a sequence of sessions throughout the term. They are open to all interested students and we encourage you to enroll in one or two Seminars each trimester.

Choose Seminars that look especially interesting to you and ask your Advisor to guide you in choosing the Seminars which will best compliment your academic trajectory.
These Seminars are optional, but highly recommended, as they are great way of building your academic CV. The titles and other relevant information about the Seminars you enroll in will be listed on the European Supplement to the Diploma that you will receive when you graduate.
Each Seminar will count for one or two ECTs credits, and is offered at no extra cost. A minimum attendance of at least 70% is required and you will receive assessment by professors, just as in your normal degree courses.