Ángela Ruiz is a teacher and practicing architect, running her own office and collaborating at the same time with other relevant architectural offices. Her academic and teaching activities stand out for their international dimension. She has given lectures in several countries and leading several international courses and seminars in cities such as Laghouat (Argelia), Paris (France), Nis (Serbia), Chania and Tessaloniki (Greece), Ekaterinburg (Rusia), Kaunas (Lituania) or Lodz (Poland) and participated in Workshops and courses in Spain, Sweden, Romania or Macedonia. She founded Arysai architecture in 2001, working on different projects such as dwellings, a kinder garden, a church, a circus, a school, offices and another projects in different competitions. She has been working in Paris, with Lacaton&Vassal and R&Sie. In Madrid she collaborates with Juan Herreros since 2006, and with CS Studio, working on projects in Angola, Morocco, Nigeria, Andorra, Guinea Ecuatorial and Cuba. At the present time, she is developing her PhD in ‘Architecture of the extremes, Desert architecture ’, working on bioclimatic approach in extreme conditions of desert architecture.