Fernando Rodríguez studied at the Madrid Polytechnic and the Technische Universität Berlin, where he was Invited Critic for Kees Cristiaanse. He has collaborated with MVRD in Rotterdam and Abalos & Herreros in Madrid. He is a PhD candidate at Madrid Polytechnic, where he is an Associate Teacher of Design Studio. In 2005 he founds FRPO with Pablo Oriol. FRPO has been awarded in Europe 40 UNDER 40 Awards 2009, Bauwelt Preis 2007 (Berlin), IX Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Planning 2007, Wallpaper Design Awards 2007 (London), Ortega-Alloza Awards of Architecture 2007 (Santander), 9a Young Spanish Architects Exhibition 2006, VM Zinc Awards 2006 (Paris), and V Iberoamerican Biennial of Architecture and Planning 2006 (Montevideo). Their prizes in international architecture competitions include WTO Head Quarters Extension in Geneva (2009), Campus de la Justicia Access and Service Building (2008), Chicago Burnham Prize Union Station 2020 (2008) and Europan 8 (2005). FRPO has been invited to lecture and exhibit their work in Chicago, Florence, Athens, Lisbon, Berlin, Munich, Kaiserslautern, Regensburg, Santander, San Sebastian, Alicante, Barcelona and Madrid. Their work has been published in international and national issues in Great Britain, USA, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Japan and China.