During various courses taught at the ETSAV. During 2003 and 2004 he taught several courses of projects. He also was professor of the Master Arquitectura: crítica y proyecto in the UPC. He published articles in various specialized magazines and he was awarded with the I Premio Fundamentos organized by the Fundación COAM and the Arquitectura review of Madrid (2009). Recently he has published L’arquitectura escolar de Guillem Forteza, (2011). His research work is developed in parallel to professional jobs carried out from his studio TEd'A arquitectes. His works have won awards at various times. It highlights the latest selection for FAD awards 2011. Likewise his work has been collected in various catalougs, such as the Arquia Próxima, or Materia Sensible. TEd'A’s work has been exhibited in Palma, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, A Coruña, Lisboa and Berlin.