Javier Méndez has been Former Spanish Representative to the European Commission´s Working Group for the development of the “White Paper” on changes to the “Collective Investment Schemes” Directive. He has also been a member of the “Expert Group” for Advisory to the European Commission (DG Internal Market) in relation to European Financial Markets. Also, a former member of the Board of the “Spanish Society of Investment Analysts”, currently being its General Secretary and General Manager of the “Fundación de Estudios Financieros”. Representative to European Federation of Financial Analysts Socities´ “Commission on Training & Qualification”. Former Member of the “Association for Investment Management and Research -AIMR- International Chapter” of the USA. As a practitioner in the field of Finance, and before joining the “Spanish Society of Investment Analysts”, he was President of Nordland, a private financial advisory company. Before that, he held numerous executive posts at the BBVA Group in Spain such as Executive Director and Member of the Board of BBVA Asset Management, Head of Equities at BBVA Gestión and BBVA Pensiones and Vice President of the Brokerage Company and Private Banking units.