Javier Perez-Herreras supports his academic and professional work through a persistent research into new concepts of living styles and the new kinds of cities they can generate. His projects have been recognized through several prizes and exhibitions, as the 8th Biennial of Architecture in Venice, the Young Architects of Spain or the 5th Festival Comunitá-Architettura of Parma. In 2002, he founds, with Javier Quintana, the Basic Workshop of Architecture and since 2008 he is consultant of COAM Arquitectura magazine. He has been Associated Professor at UPNa, and he has also been invited in other national and international universities. He is the author of ""Cajas de Aire"", an essay about the modern adventure of the inhabitation, and “Ideo [Lógica]”, a notebook concerning the ideas and their meanings in architecture. He has been Rector at Universidad San Jorge, from which he received his Gold Medal in 2009.