Professor Julián Montaño’s research engages in central issues in epistemology (the nature of justification, relativism) aesthetics (emotions, taste and normativity, the nature of the work of art) and social philosophy (communitarianism, cultural relativism, the concept of tradition, social & common goods). Among his interests are subjects like Wittgenstein, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Analytical Thomism, Scottish Enlightenment and Communitarian philosophers. His current research project focuses on the epistemology of testimony and how knowledge is transmitted in a community or tradition. Other topics of interest include: literature and philosophy, Iris Murdoch and T.S. Eliot. Currently he is Academic Advisor in the Admissions Department. He has developed his professional career in marketing, in industries different to higher education, especially media and entertainment, with positions in Pearson Group and Walt Disney Television international.