Luis Rivas has supervised several research projects: Fiscal decentralization and economic growth, CAP and development of European regions, labour market in the EU. As research assistant he has participated in other projects on fiscal reform (financed by Interamerican Development Bank), public employment services in the EU, the electricity sector in Spain (financed by Spanish Government) and the feasibility of a cohesion fund in Latin America (Secretaría General Iberoamericana). He has been researcher at several universities and institutions (USA, France, Portugal, Ministery of Economics –Institue of Fiscal Studies-, Spain). He was awarded a Ph.D. research prize (University Cooperation Office) in 2007. He is the coordinator of internacional Relations since 2003. As a professor he has lectured besides Spain in different countries such as Ireland, Bolivia, Poland, Germany, Mexico or the UK. His curriculum vitae was certified by the Regional Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation, Castilla y León in 2008.