After overcoming his doctoral training and research capacity in the ETSAM, he is currently developing his doctoral thesis. Simultaneously with the final step of his training at Architecture University, he worked in a short learning period with his father Jose María. Immediately afterwards he began a ten year collaboration with Angela G. Paredes and Ignacio G. Pedrosa, working on numerous projects and competitions, both national and international. Since 1999, Manuel G. Paredes and Fernando Pino began to work together and finally they oponed their own office Paredes Pino since 2001. First prizes in national and international public open competitions have marked his career in the last years. The proposition of underlying readings, the deployment of parallel universes, the interest in construction and project coherence as a single line of thought without discontinuity, are some of the themes they work on. Recently their interests and work have been collected in the monograph Excepto 24 “Light machinery”, in the collection dedicated to Madrid’s architecture.