Manuel Pérez Romero (1972) studied Architecture in E.T.S.A., Las Palmas (Canary Islands,1998), Torino Polytechnic, (Italy), Milano Polytechnic, (Italy), Westminster University (London, GB), ETSA Madrid Polytechnic (PhD). Currently he is making a research for his Thesis, about the implementation of the probable in the time oriented processes. He is a Lecturer of Design Projects at E.T.S.A.G. in Alcalá de Henares since 2001, and he has been Lecturer of Design Projects at E.T.S.A. Madrid during 2000-2001 and again today. He is also a professor of Construction System and Construction Workshop at IE School of Architecture. He has collaborated with Soriano&Asociados (Madrid), Foreign Office Architects, ( London) and Manolo Feo Ojeda (Las Palmas). He founded the partnership nodo17 architects (2002), and received awardes in many national and international competitions. He has more than 100 publications in different magazines and books. Recently, the Korean editorial Damdi Publishing Co., has published a 250 pages monographic “mook” about nodo17 work.