Bachelor in International Relations Become an actor at a global level

The Bachelor in International Relations

Is for individuals who are…

able to understand and interpret complexity. You are proactive and feel at ease engaging in and debating challenging issues.

Looking for…

A comprehensive program that will position you to become an influential actor at a global level and equip you with the necessary hard and soft skills to make a contribution in society

To become…

  • A member of your country’s Foreign Service
  • A consultant for a multilateral organization
  • An executive in a multinational corporation
  • A development expert in an NGO

The Bachelor in International Relations is a hands-on, practical and comprehensive program that prepares students for a career in the international public and private sectors, guaranteed by the expertise and know-how of IE School of International Relations, a member of the exclusive Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA). Our unique international environment and outlook shapes global citizens, able to adapt to diversity and engage in complex economic, political and social dynamics that go beyond borders and cultures.




4 years




Segovia and/or Madrid


Map your own path to success

Program Overview

A practice-based approach

The program employs a case study approach and seminar discussions in the IR Lab. These are semester-long courses which simulate real-life challenges and train students in critical areas such as conflict resolution, negotiation, strategy, and public speaking. Students also have the opportunity to participate in selective internship placements in a variety of institutions.

A multi-disciplinary program

Our multi-disciplinary approach specifically trains students to understand complexity. The program takes a comprehensive look at International Relations as a global discipline, drawing on many fields such as political science, economics, law, and the role of multilateral organizations, states and the corporate world in shifting the international order.

Management in the global arena

You will acquire key skills sought after by companies needing professionals with a solid understanding of global affairs, as well as the ability to work in corporate settings. Students benefit from IE's world-ranked experience in management and business. These subjects are fundamental to your training in order to be a decision-maker and manage projects and policies at the highest levels.

Think critically, bring solutions

International Relations is as much about thinking critically and understanding complexity as it is developing strong influence and negotiation skills. Essential for professionals in this field is the ability to work and think in complex, interconnected scenarios and bring solutions. You will be required to apply analytical & reasoning abilities together with the art of persuasion and diplomacy to address real-world issues.