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03/09/2015. Ciudad de Guatemala (GUATEMALA)

One to One Session

03/09/2015. Ciudad de Guatemala (GUATEMALA)

Admissions Test

04/09/2015. Madrid (SPAIN)

Admission Test

04/09/2015. Singapore (SINGAPORE)

COFFEE Chat Q&A (Bachelor degrees)

04/09/2015. Madrid (SPAIN)

Open Day

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At IE University we admit a carefully selected group of candidates irrespective of their financial situation.  In fact, last year 65% of applicants for assistance were approved, while more than 55% of all students received some form of financial aid.  We plan to expand our aid programs for the next academic course with an allotted 2.5 million for students joining IE University’s various programs.

The IE Foundation and our Financial Aid Office provide a number of options for funding the cost of our bachelor degrees. Our objective is to ensure that students with the right profile and a good academic record are given the resources they need to study at IE University.

  • 55% of IE University students receive some form of financial aid
  • 65% of students who apply for financial aid each academic year are awarded some form of financial support
  • 6 million Euros in scholarships are awarded each year through the IE Foundation


Please navigate this section of our web  to learn more about the financial aid options available to you, and how to go about applying for financial assistance.  Remember, however, that having Definitive or Provisional Admissions to an IE University bachelor degree is a pre-requisite to applying for IE Financial Aid. Please note that no applications will be accepted once the student has already begun their program.

The IE University Scholarships Committee meet on 15th of each month to evaluate scholarship applications. Students should submit their Financial Aid Application Form as early as possible before the beginning of the academic year.


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