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04/09/2015. Madrid (SPAIN)

Admission Test

04/09/2015. Singapore (SINGAPORE)

COFFEE Chat Q&A (Bachelor degrees)

04/09/2015. Madrid (SPAIN)

Open Day

05/09/2015. Segovia (SPAIN)

Open Day

05/09/2015. Segovia (SPAIN)

Admission Test

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Admission tests


IE University includes a formal test as part of its admission process. You must take this test either before you submit the relevant documentation or whilst you are doing so; however, you must have the results of this test before moving on to the final stage: the personal interview.

IE University lets you choose between doing the IE Admission Test and some of the standard international exams.Both types of test are similar.


IE University Admission Test


IE University’s Admission Test can be taken in Spanish or in English, depending which language you are going to study your undergraduate program in. You can do the admission test at either the Segovia or Madrid campuses or at any of the offices IE University has around the world. For other cases, please contact our Admissions Department at

The IE University Admission Test assesses the verbal, logical, and numerical abilities you have acquired inside and outside the classroom. Above all, it centers on your ability to reason, rather than knowledge of actual information. This means you don't have to study for the test beforehand to pass it.


Other international admission tests: SAT, ACT, CAS and LNAT


You can choose to do any of these international tests.

In order for us to be informed of your SAT or ACT grades, please provide the examining body with IE University’s identification codes which are shown below:

  • SAT: 6293
  • ACT: 5360

If you have taken a Cambridge Assessment test CAS (Cambridge Assessment), just ask the examining body to send your results to IE University.

(If you are thinking about applying to take the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree, and you have chosen to do the LNAT, you can ask the examining body to send us the results of your test. IE University has been a member of the LNAT Consortium since June 2010.)

There is no minimum pass grade. We look at your academic record and personal achievements as well as your grades. That’s why we advise you to provide us with as much information as possible on the application form.