IE University Admission Test

The IE University Admission Test can be taken in Spanish or in English, depending on the intended language of study. The test may be taken at the Segovia or Madrid campuses in Spain, or in any of the 25 international IE offices. For all other cases, please contact our Admissions Department at

The IE Admission Test evaluates verbal, logical, and mathematical abilities acquired both in and out of the classroom environment. It focuses on the ability to reason, rather than the memorization of information. Therefore, there is no need to undergo any specialized preparation in order to successfully take the test.


Please use these codes when sending us your SAT or ACT scores:

  • SAT: 6293
  • ACT: 5360

If you wish to send us your CAS scores, you will have to provide the hyperlink to the administrator’s website (where your results are stored) by email to Please put in the subject line: “Admission Test Score”, followed by your name.

(If you are going to apply for the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) you can present your LNAT test results. IE University has been a member of the LNAT Consortium since June, 2010.)

There are no minimum test scores required. Test results are evaluated along with the student’s other academic and personal records. For this reason, we recommend that you carefully prepare all the additional documents necessary, as specified in the Application Form.

NOTE:  All  Bachelor in Architecture applicants must submit a portfolio of art/design work. There is no need to wait for the results of the admissions tests to send the portfolio. Send your portfolio as soon as possible to the Admissions Department with the rest of your application documents.