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We offer a range of services to meet the needs of our undergraduate students. Read on to find out more about mental health and well-being at IE University.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

At IE University, offering equal learning opportunities to its students takes top priority. Providing the necessary means for students to effectively express their knowledge is fundamental to our understanding of diversity.

With this aim in mind, our University offers a series of special adaptations for students with SEN (Special Educational Needs), which are defined as special conditions that may hinder a student’s learning and challenge his or her academic achievement. These types of special learning conditions must be both certified by qualified professionals and properly documented in official reports. Similarly, the diagnosis needs to be supported by objective and standardized test results. Any student who wishes to benefit from such adaptations should provide the University with the corresponding report issued by a qualified professional in the field. The information that is provided is handled confidentially and will be filed exclusively for the intended purposes, only.

In order to initiate the request for academic adaptations, students are asked to fill out a questionnaire upon their acceptance to IE University. Our department of SEN evaluates the submitted documentation, and provisionally issues a proposal of academic adaptations. This proposal will only be formalized after a personal interview with our Special Educational Needs Coordinator at the start of the academic year.

Mental Health Series

We offer a yearly series of workshops and talks by experts and professionals, addressing mental health topics that are relevant to students’ university life. These are open to all interested students.

IEU Guided Meditation & Yoga

We offer weekly guided meditation and yoga sessions. These sessions require no prior experience or preparation, offering students the opportunity to discover tools and techniques that will help them manage stress levels.

Guided Meditation | Breathing techniques, mindfulness practices, and guided imagery are employed to reduce mental chatter and confront challenges both calmly and proactively.

Yoga | Through both physical and mental exercises aimed at uniting body and mind, our certified instructors help students to balance their physical needs with the mental demands of academic life.

Counseling Services

All IEU undergraduate students are welcome to make use of our counseling service at any point during the academic year. This service is free and confidential. Speak to a Professional.

Our team is comprised of in-house guidance counselors who work in close collaboration with clinical psychologists and psychiatrists from SINEWS, our trusted mental health service provider.

The IEU Counseling Office is located at:

Segovia: Main Campus Building, 3rd Floor  |   Madrid: Online (temporary arrangement)



SINEWS is IE University’s therapeutic service provider with extensive clinical experience with international university students. Its multidisciplinary team consists of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and speech therapists. The professional staff follows a strict confidentiality protocol to provide the best care to their patients. For more information about IE University’s mental health services for students through SINEWS, contact our office.

For further information about SINEWS’s company profile, please visit their website:




is accessible, confidential, and attentive.


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