Admissions Committee Decision

Once stages 1 and 2 of the admissions process have been completed, the IE University Admissions Committee will make a final decision and notify the applicant in writing within a period of approximately two weeks.

There are two types of admission to IE University:

  • Provisional Admission: Admission to IE University will be considered provisional if you lack any of the essential requirements for access to a Spanish university. Your admission will be confirmed once you have satisfied all the requirements, which are detailed in the letter of Provisional Admission. With Provisional Admission, you may make your place reservation in the Bachelor program of your choice and are eligible to apply for financial aid or scholarships.
  • Definitive Admission: Once you have received a letter confirming your admission, you may make your place reservation and begin the IE University enrollment process.

Being granted admission to IE University does not imply that a place will be held for you. Places are allocated strictly by order of place reservation and subsequent enrollment.

Therefore, once the applicant has received a letter of admission, provisional or definitive, he/she should make the €1,500 place reservation to guarantee a place in the Bachelor degree of choice.

Admission, provisional or definitive, enables the applicant to request IE University grants and scholarships.

Admission will also allow you to obtain a Spanish student visa and, if necessary, to request the transfer of your academic records from another university.