Personal Interview

The Admissions Department arranges an interview for those applicants who successfully pass the application stage of the admissions process. This interview can be held on the IE University campus in Segovia (Spain), at our campus in Madrid, at any of our 25 international offices, or by telephone if you cannot attend in person.

The Personal Interview is an opportunity for us to get to know you better. It allows you to learn more about the program you have chosen to study. The interview enables us to evaluate qualities that cannot be assessed in your application documents, such as your personality, personal opinions, communication skills and language level.

The Personal Interview is not a test. There will not be any right or wrong answers. So you can relax and just be yourself. Our aim is to insure that IE University is a good fit for you and that you will integrate well and be happy academically and personally. In short, we give you a 30 minute opportunity to tell us why you should be admitted to IE University.


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