Admission process for exchange students or those on a visiting student program


If you are a student with an international outlook, you may be thinking about spending a semester or two with us on an exchange program organized by your university, or about enrolling on our Visiting Student Program.

This section gives you detailed information about the entire admission process if you are interested in studying with us for a semester or two. You are probably wondering what the difference is between coming as an exchange student or coming on the Visiting Student Program.You’ll need to know because the admissions processes are completely different.


If you come to IE University through an exchange agreement organized by your university, you are an exchange student, and you will follow a specific admission process.

If you want to study with us for a semester or two, whether your university has an exchange agreement with IE University or not, you can do so on the Visiting Student Program, in which you can choose many of your subjects. This program also has a specific admission process.

Should you have any specific queries, the Admissions Department is always on hand to help.


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