IE and Brown University launch an innovative summer course for pre-university students from the US

14/03/2011 - General

Leading private US University Brown and IE University are set to run an innovative summer program in Segovia for US pre-university students, aimed at introducing them to the world of business, humanities, international relations, communication and law, while learning Spanish. The course forms part of a collaboration agreement between the two institutions which includes a series of joint programs, student exchanges, and research projects.


Course participants will be pre-university students selected by Brown University to undergo an intensive 3-week program designed to bring them their first taste of university life. Successful candidates will stand out for outstanding talent across different academic disciplines, despite their young age. Students will be aged between 15 and 17, and will receive classes in modern Spanish and EU history, cultural diversity, economy and art history in the mornings, led by IE University, together with a daily Spanish class. The afternoons will comprise three seminars focused on law and capital punishment, literature and censorship, and media arts, led by Brown University professors Corey Brettschneider, Allison Brettschneider and Ed Osborn, respectively.


“The thing that is so interesting about this program is that students learn by working in a relaxed and pleasant environment, using the same methodology that they will find at university” explained Miguel Larrañaga, Vice Rector for Institutional Relations at IE University and one of the professors that will be taking part in the project. Other IE professors include José María de Areilza, Dean of IE Law School and Director of the Jean Monnet-IE Chair, and Begoña González Cuesta, Director of the Degree in Communication. During their time in Spain the students will also get to visit Madrid, Cordoba, Seville and Barcelona, with a view to getting a feel for Spanish and European culture. Programmed activities include visits to museums like the Esteban Vicente museum, the Prado, and the Reina Sofia.


Brown University’s program director, Yolanda Castillo Appollonio, feels that “the most interesting aspect is that participants will be tackling a broad and highly diverse range of subjects that will help them to develop a better idea of the direction they want their university studies to take”, while Elena Lledó, academic coordinator of the Brown University study program, added that “These are forward-looking students who view the future from a highly professional perspective, guided by experienced and competent professors”.

IE University launches a Facebook application designed to bring the university world closer to young people

14/03/2011 - General

IE University has created a Facebook  application called  “Trivia Challenge” , to enable internet users to gauge their knowledge about biology, architecture, communication, law, art history, psychology and tourism. The aim is to provide a fun way for young people, for whom new technologies and internet are a way of life, to get to know more about the different subjects taught at the IE University campus.


The application presents users with a challenge: it poses trivia-style questions  that are divided into four levels, each of which represents a year of university studies.  Each level comprises eight questions related to the different degrees at IE University. The aim of the game is to answer as many questions as possible correctly to get a score that will get you onto the “most knowledgeable” list.


IE University is firmly committed to the new environment based on social networks and the application of technologies to education. It sees social networks as a powerful tool for connecting with students, which is why you can find IE University on all key networking sites, including Youtube, Tuenti, Facebook, Myspace and Flickr.


IE University also recently launched a mobile site that permits thousands of mobile users to access the internet and interact through its portal at, where people can find information on the University, its bachelor programs, social networks and a strategy game.


See the Trivia Challenge  application at  

Rectors from around the world see the internationalization of universities as an essential process

14/03/2011 - General

Rectors from universities worldwide attending the international conference on 'Reinventing Higher Education', held at IE University’s Segovia campus, agreed that internationalization is essential for institutions that want to be at the leading edge of new university models which respond to the needs of a globalized world driven by technology. Attendees included rectors and presidents of universities, as well as media groups and businesses, from China, US, UK, Germany, Italy, Hungary, France, Finland, Mexico, Colombia and Spain.


The objective of the conference, the only one of its kind in Europe, was to discuss change and improvement in university education in the face of globalization and new management models. Participating academics included the Vice-chancellor of Leeds University, Michael Arthur, who shared with attendees the strategic map of this prestigious university; Carlos Cruz Limón, Vice-President of Tecnológico de Monterrey; Werner Muller-Esterl, President of University of Frankfurt (Germany); Massimo Egidi, Rector of LUISS Guido Carli University (Italy); and Zhongming Wang, Rector of Zhejiang University Business School (China).


These experts concurred that it is now impossible to imagine a university that was not international. They pointed to a need to accelerate the transformation of universities by opening up new alliances among institutions worldwide, strengthening research and the exchange of knowledge, promoting international networks, and fostering the mobility of students and professors.


The experts also agreed on the importance of providing universities with greater autonomy and better training programs for managers, and they also stressed the need to attend to the demands of society by making a commitment to meet corporate needs, which is a vital part of university education.


Further subjects for debate at the IE University conference included the globalization of future professionals, the classroom revolution resulting from new technologies, the new student profile, trans-border mobility, the funding and management of institutions, and relations between universities and the corporate world. There was particular emphasis on the role of governments and new players in educational policymaking, the change in learning processes with the advent of new technological tools, the new generation of students, --digital natives—who are now arriving at university with new skills and attitudes, and the reinvention of the figure of professor.


Finally, participants discussed the important role of rankings in gauging the quality of universities, of alternative sources of income and how universities now serve as catalysts for innovation in collaboration with business organizations.

IE University will be hosting an international conference of chancellors to discuss the University of the 21st century

14/03/2011 - General

On May 3rd and 4th 2010, IE University will host at its Segovia campus an international conference on higher education entitled “Reinventing Higher Education”. This event will gather chancellors, university presidents, representatives of different media and companies from different continents who are leaders in the transformation of the University of the 21st century.


During two days Segovia will become a world forum for the innovation of higher education. Discussions will be held on topics such as the globalization of future professionals, the role of new technologies in the classroom, the new student profile, the cross cultural movement, university financing and management, university-business relationships, and “better practices”.


This pioneering event will bring together experts from international institutions at the forefront of university development who will exchange their views on the future of universities worldwide.


On May 3rd, IE University will host a round-table discussion that will bring together chancellors of public and private universities of Castilla y León in order to analyze international strategies that will contribute to make Castilla y León an international reference in higher education. 

IE launches the ‘IE University Challenge’ for Baccalaureate students

14/03/2011 - General

The competition is designed to foster solidarity and promote the use of the English language among students.  


IE University will give iPads to the authors of the best projects based around UN objectives for 2010. 


The best reward for students is no longer just a good grade. IE University is set to launch the first edition of ‘IE University Challenge’, a multimedia competition for Baccalaureate students aimed at promoting, recognizing, disseminating and rewarding creativity and talent among the younger generation, while encouraging the use of English. Winners will receive the new and much-awaited iPad.


In order to take part in this innovative project, students have to be studying the first or second year of the Baccalaureate in any college or place of study in Spain. 


Candidates should register at between April 12 and 25, 2010.  Students will have to organize themselves in groups of 3 to 5 people, led by a tutor.


Each group will choose a challenge related with the three UN themes for this year: the rapprochement of cultures: biodiversity; and youth. All projects have to be presented in English.


Projects must be uploaded onto the website between April 26 and May 9 in video format and in English. Only one project is permitted per group and total freedom of artistic expression will be permitted in all three categories. Votes and comments by internauts made between April 26 and may 16 will be taken into account for during the judging process.


The winning project will be announced on May 24, 2010, and members of the winning team will all receive an iPad, while the place of study they represent will receive a Smart Board and the professor who served as their tutor will receive a year’s free access to IE Lab.


The ‘IE University Challenge’ is run by IE University, a private international university based in Spain, and by the leading agencies of VOCENTO, a leading Spanish media group.


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