IE University is the only University in Continental Europe Included in 2010 Design Intelligence Ranking (USA)

14/03/2011 - General

The Bachelor in Architecture from IE University leads the “Hidden Gems in Global architecture Education” category in the recent ranking from Design Intelligence magazine. This US ranking is the most prestigious regarding Architecture and Design Schools.


In the 11th edition of America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools published at the beginning of November, Design Intelligence decided for the first time to consider foreign schools and to reward the ones that are pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity and global commitment. 


IE University and its School of Architecture are in good company in this new ranking category, followed by prestigious institutions such as Tongji University (Shanghai), Cambridge University (UK), the University of Cape Town (South Africa), and the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia).


“To be recognized in this way by such a notable publication is a reward and a source of great motivation for us,” said Javier Quintana, Head of the School of Architecture of IE University, and he adds “it is a step ahead for the internationalization and the global commitment of ours programs.”


After only three years, IE School of Architecture managed to break into the international scene with its Bachelor and Master Degrees thanks to the global perspective of the institution and its pioneer programs in Spain, such as the Summer School co-organized with the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London.


About the ranking:

DesignIntelligence is the Design Futures Council’s bi-monthly report on the future, delivering original research, insightful commentary, and instructive best practices. Design leaders rely on DesignIntelligence to deliver insight about emerging trends and management practices, allowing them to make their organization a better managed, more financially successful enterprise.


Every fall since 1999, DesignIntelligence publish rankings of the best architecture schools in the US and this fall 2010 for first time they have included a new section called “influential and under-celebrated” where was features IE University has hidden gem along with other non-US schools.


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HRH Infanta Cristina presents the 15th Castilla y León Economy Prize at IE University

14/03/2011 - General

Spain’s Infanta Cristina de Borbón today presided over the presentation of the 15th Castilla y León Economy Prize in the Aula Magna of IE University. This year’s prize went to economist Manuel Lagares Calvo. The Infanta Cristina was joined by the President of the Castilla y León regional authorities, Juan Vicente Herrera, and the rector of IE University, Juan Luis Martínez.


The prize, which carries the name of the Infanta Cristina, is awarded in recognition of dedication to the study of and research on the Spanish economy. As from last year it has been accompanied by an economy scholarship of the same name, which this year went to researcher Javier Valbuena Gómez. The prizes were created by the Castilla and León regional authorities in 1995 to acknowledge the research efforts and intellectual work of key economists, academics and researchers in the field of applied economy.


The judges panel for the the Infanta Cristina Prize decided in January 2010 that it would go to Manuel Lagares Calvo for his important contributions to understanding the Spanish economy, and, particularly, the Spanish tax model. They also noted his role in addressing the economic problems that arose during Spain’s political transition.


Participants in the event included IE President Diego del Alcázar, the President of the Castilla y León regional authorities, Juan Vicente Herrera, the President of the Castilla y Leon Cortes, José Manuel Fernández Santiago, the government delegate in Castilla y León, Miguel Alejo, together with other representatives of local and regional governments.

IE University to launch Bachelor of Laws Degree

14/03/2011 - General

IE University will be launching a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) for the 2011-2012 academic year following the official accreditation of the program by Spain’s University Commission. The four-year degree program will be run under the aegis of IE Law School, and will have a markedly global slant in line with similar programs at other prestigious international universities, such as Northwestern University (Chicago), Beijing University School of Transnational Law, or King’s College of London.


Students will benefit from the numerous agreements which IE Law School, one of the most recognized institutions of its kind, enjoys with other leading international law schools around the world. Graduates will be equipped to exercise the legal profession in Spain, UK, and the US, and the program curriculum will combine corporate law with the study of business administration and humanities. The IE Bachelor of Laws will also place a special emphasis on professional skills, with a clear focus on international lawyering.


The new degree program will be available in Spanish and English. It will be taught at IE’s Segovia campus, and students will also be able to enjoy the advantages of agreements between IE  Law School, headed by Dean José María de Areilza, and leading law firms in Spain and worldwide.


The Rector of IE University, Juan Luis Martínez, stated that “this new Law Degree further enhances IE University’s broad portfolio of degree programs, and is aligned with all IE programs in that it is geared to meet market needs and ensure the employability of its graduates”.  


During the four-year program students will have access to IE Law School’s "Law Unplugged" seminar, which will permit them to simulate the practical application of Law in parallel to their legal training. Moreover students will have the opportunity to take part in an exchange program with other leading international law schools.


 “IE Law School has been teaching law from an international perspective for some thirty five years,” says Soledad Atienza, Director of IE University’s Bachelor in Laws.  “Our programs are based on a highly active approach and are designed to meet the needs of business. The key differentiating factors of our law degree lies in its flexibility due to online options and its large range of electives, and its clear focus on international practice.”

IE University to award scholarships for higher education studies to United World Colleges (UWC) alumni

14/03/2011 - General

· Both institutions run programs renowned for their focus on academic excellence in a multicultural environment


IE University and the UWC Spanish Committee Foundation have reached an agreement whereby IE will award scholarships to two graduates from a United World College partner institution to study their university degrees. Each year the scholarships will permit two young people - one of whom will be Spanish, and the other from any other country worldwide - to study the degree of their choice from among the extensive portfolio of programs at IE University.


The recipients of the scholarships will have obtained their International Baccalaureate Diploma from any 12 of the 13 United World Colleges partner schools worldwide. Practically all the young people who study and reside in the UWC schools have received scholarships from their countries of origin. Hence, the new agreement with IE University means that in addition to achieving a scholarship to study their Baccalaureate in the US, Canada, India, China, Norway or the UK, among other countries, they will now be able to take their education to university level thanks to the scholarships offered by IE University.


As from the 2011-2012 academic year, the United World Colleges Foundation will draw up a short list of three Spanish students and three students from other countries, who will be evaluated by a committee comprised of representatives from UWC and IE University. The ideal candidate will have a brilliant academic record, a desire to become a global professional in his or her chosen field of knowledge, and similar values to those of IE University: innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in humanities.


Before embarking on their degree course at IE University, these UWC students will have lived and studied alongside other young people from 80 to 100 different countries. The mission of UWC, a non-profit organization, is to promote peace and understanding on an international scale through multicultural education.


“Both institutions feel that commitment, leadership and good work can change the world. This is not a utopia.” says Berta Fraguas, Director General of the UWC Spanish Committee Foundation. “Thanks to the community service program undertaken by UWC students in a diverse environment, they learn that we always have a debt to society, and that you have to give back part of what it has been given to you.”


“This year IE University’s student body comprises over 60 nationalities. This diversity, coupled with excellence and our students’ passion for creativity will lead them to become change agents in a global market,” says Santiago Iñiguez, President of IE University. “We share UWC’s commitment to making this happen, and we want to offer its students the opportunity to build their future with us.”



About IE University 

IE University is an extension of the IE Education model to undergraduate education, with an innovative approach to undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. IE University has 1,200 students of 60 different nationalities and a unique faculty comprised of some 400 Spanish and international experts. It runs officially recognized English and Spanish-taught degree programs in Business Administration, Law, Communication, Architecture, Biology, History of Art and Tourism. All its programs have a markedly international slant and a special focus on entrepreneurial learning.


IE University’s campus in Segovia covers a surface area of over 18,000m2 with classrooms, workshops, laboratories, radio and television studios, conference halls and communal areas, where latest generation technology is seamlessly integrated into a historical setting in the form of a thirteenth century convent.

About United World Colleges

United World Colleges (UWC) is an international non-profit organization with presence in more than 125 countries. Its objective is to build a society in peace through a multicultural education. Founded in 1962, and chaired by Nelson Mandela and Queen Noor of Jordan, UWC comprises 13 academic excellence colleges in America, Asia, Europe and Africa. In each college live and study around 200 scholars from 16 to 19 years old of 80 different nationalities. Most of them receive a grant and are selected in their own countries according to their student record, beyond their socioeconomic position. While these students live in the United World Colleges, they take part in volunteer programs and participate in discussions about international understanding and sustainable development. After two decades sending Spanish scholars abroad, Spain will host in 2013 the 14th United World College, which will be located in Comillas (Cantabria).

IE University enters a new phase of development with the appointment of Juan Luis Martínez as Rector

14/03/2011 - General

·Juan Luis Martinez has been appointed as the new Rector and Santiago Iñiguez has been appointed President of IE University


·The University will be organized in the form of a College for undergraduate studies and Schools offering postgraduate programs


·The new structure is designed to provide study plans that are flexible, international, and designed to meet the needs of the work market


IE University announced the appointment of Juan Luis Martínez as Rector as from the start of the new academic year. The appointment comes with the launch of a new management and development model in the form of a College (undergraduate school) which will coordinate undergraduate degrees designed to shape profiles that meet market demands and will permit a blend of anglo saxon-style multidisciplinary studies. IE University will also have graduate schools which will offer master and doctoral degree programs.


Juan Luis Martínez states that the appointment of a new rector is not indicative of a change of direction, but rather of the continuation and consolidation of IE University’s strategy to date. “Having successfully completed the initial phases, the University is now experiencing significant growth that requires a new structure to promote still further the flexibility, international slant and market-oriented approach of our programs.”


Outgoing Rector Santiago Iñiguez has been appointed President of IE University, a strategic position in that he will be heading the international development and representation of the University in key forums in the management education sector worldwide. Rafael Puyol will remain as President of the Board of Governors of the University.


“The key objective of the new structure is to continue growing without compromising the hallmarks of an IE University education,” says Juan Luis Martínez “namely the international slant of our programs, our humanistic approach, and a marked focus on the employability of our graduates. The main challenge is to ensure that studies truly meet the needs of the labor market. We are committed to increasing interaction among the different undergraduate programs and to improving research and the ability of students to think for themselves.”


For the last three years Juan Luis Martínez has served as the University’s Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, managing the day-to-day of the campus and the design and implementation of the new undergraduate and graduate programs, all of which meet the requirements of the new European Higher Education Area. Throughout his career he has formed part of the governing bodies of numerous Spanish universities. He is an expert in social marketing and has given classes at IE Business School since 1999, where he also held the positions that included Director of the area of Marketing and Editor of the Revista de Empresa magazine. Juan Luis Martínez holds a PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Navarre and an MBA from IE Business School, as well as a Degree in Physics from Granada University.


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