IE University to award scholarships for higher education studies to United World Colleges (UWC) alumni

14/03/2011 - General

· Both institutions run programs renowned for their focus on academic excellence in a multicultural environment


IE University and the UWC Spanish Committee Foundation have reached an agreement whereby IE will award scholarships to two graduates from a United World College partner institution to study their university degrees. Each year the scholarships will permit two young people - one of whom will be Spanish, and the other from any other country worldwide - to study the degree of their choice from among the extensive portfolio of programs at IE University.


The recipients of the scholarships will have obtained their International Baccalaureate Diploma from any 12 of the 13 United World Colleges partner schools worldwide. Practically all the young people who study and reside in the UWC schools have received scholarships from their countries of origin. Hence, the new agreement with IE University means that in addition to achieving a scholarship to study their Baccalaureate in the US, Canada, India, China, Norway or the UK, among other countries, they will now be able to take their education to university level thanks to the scholarships offered by IE University.


As from the 2011-2012 academic year, the United World Colleges Foundation will draw up a short list of three Spanish students and three students from other countries, who will be evaluated by a committee comprised of representatives from UWC and IE University. The ideal candidate will have a brilliant academic record, a desire to become a global professional in his or her chosen field of knowledge, and similar values to those of IE University: innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in humanities.


Before embarking on their degree course at IE University, these UWC students will have lived and studied alongside other young people from 80 to 100 different countries. The mission of UWC, a non-profit organization, is to promote peace and understanding on an international scale through multicultural education.


“Both institutions feel that commitment, leadership and good work can change the world. This is not a utopia.” says Berta Fraguas, Director General of the UWC Spanish Committee Foundation. “Thanks to the community service program undertaken by UWC students in a diverse environment, they learn that we always have a debt to society, and that you have to give back part of what it has been given to you.”


“This year IE University’s student body comprises over 60 nationalities. This diversity, coupled with excellence and our students’ passion for creativity will lead them to become change agents in a global market,” says Santiago Iñiguez, President of IE University. “We share UWC’s commitment to making this happen, and we want to offer its students the opportunity to build their future with us.”



About IE University 

IE University is an extension of the IE Education model to undergraduate education, with an innovative approach to undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. IE University has 1,200 students of 60 different nationalities and a unique faculty comprised of some 400 Spanish and international experts. It runs officially recognized English and Spanish-taught degree programs in Business Administration, Law, Communication, Architecture, Biology, History of Art and Tourism. All its programs have a markedly international slant and a special focus on entrepreneurial learning.


IE University’s campus in Segovia covers a surface area of over 18,000m2 with classrooms, workshops, laboratories, radio and television studios, conference halls and communal areas, where latest generation technology is seamlessly integrated into a historical setting in the form of a thirteenth century convent.

About United World Colleges

United World Colleges (UWC) is an international non-profit organization with presence in more than 125 countries. Its objective is to build a society in peace through a multicultural education. Founded in 1962, and chaired by Nelson Mandela and Queen Noor of Jordan, UWC comprises 13 academic excellence colleges in America, Asia, Europe and Africa. In each college live and study around 200 scholars from 16 to 19 years old of 80 different nationalities. Most of them receive a grant and are selected in their own countries according to their student record, beyond their socioeconomic position. While these students live in the United World Colleges, they take part in volunteer programs and participate in discussions about international understanding and sustainable development. After two decades sending Spanish scholars abroad, Spain will host in 2013 the 14th United World College, which will be located in Comillas (Cantabria).

IE University enters a new phase of development with the appointment of Juan Luis Martínez as Rector

14/03/2011 - General

·Juan Luis Martinez has been appointed as the new Rector and Santiago Iñiguez has been appointed President of IE University


·The University will be organized in the form of a College for undergraduate studies and Schools offering postgraduate programs


·The new structure is designed to provide study plans that are flexible, international, and designed to meet the needs of the work market


IE University announced the appointment of Juan Luis Martínez as Rector as from the start of the new academic year. The appointment comes with the launch of a new management and development model in the form of a College (undergraduate school) which will coordinate undergraduate degrees designed to shape profiles that meet market demands and will permit a blend of anglo saxon-style multidisciplinary studies. IE University will also have graduate schools which will offer master and doctoral degree programs.


Juan Luis Martínez states that the appointment of a new rector is not indicative of a change of direction, but rather of the continuation and consolidation of IE University’s strategy to date. “Having successfully completed the initial phases, the University is now experiencing significant growth that requires a new structure to promote still further the flexibility, international slant and market-oriented approach of our programs.”


Outgoing Rector Santiago Iñiguez has been appointed President of IE University, a strategic position in that he will be heading the international development and representation of the University in key forums in the management education sector worldwide. Rafael Puyol will remain as President of the Board of Governors of the University.


“The key objective of the new structure is to continue growing without compromising the hallmarks of an IE University education,” says Juan Luis Martínez “namely the international slant of our programs, our humanistic approach, and a marked focus on the employability of our graduates. The main challenge is to ensure that studies truly meet the needs of the labor market. We are committed to increasing interaction among the different undergraduate programs and to improving research and the ability of students to think for themselves.”


For the last three years Juan Luis Martínez has served as the University’s Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, managing the day-to-day of the campus and the design and implementation of the new undergraduate and graduate programs, all of which meet the requirements of the new European Higher Education Area. Throughout his career he has formed part of the governing bodies of numerous Spanish universities. He is an expert in social marketing and has given classes at IE Business School since 1999, where he also held the positions that included Director of the area of Marketing and Editor of the Revista de Empresa magazine. Juan Luis Martínez holds a PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Navarre and an MBA from IE Business School, as well as a Degree in Physics from Granada University.

IE University and Hay Festival build on their commitment to sustainability with Shigeru Ban, Mikael Strandberg and Geoffrey Parker

14/03/2011 - General

· IE University has renewed its agreement to serve as chief sponsor and academic partner of the upcoming edition of Hay Festival Segovia.

· Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, Swedish explorer Mikael Strandberg, and historian and hispanist Geoffrey Parker will be sharing experiences and insights with IE University professors.

· IE University students will take part in the Festival’s press conference  and its team of multilingual volunteers.


IE University and the Festival of Literature and Arts Charitable Trust have signed an agreement whereby the University has renewed and expanded on its role of chief sponsor for the 5th edition of Hay Festival Segovia, which will serve as an international platform to bring together over 100 writers and thinkers from around the world on September 18 to 26. Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño, Rector of IE University, and María Sheila Cremaschi, representing the Festival of Literature and Arts Charitable Trust Foundation, have signed an agreement whereby IE University will contribute to the organization of the festival with experts, resources and facilities.


Santiago Iñiguez, Rector of IE University, said that the University is delighted to share the Hay Festival’s commitment to bring to Segovia thought leaders with such a large range of visions for a global world. “The Festival embodies the spirit underlying the educational experience we provide at IE, and we hope that our contribution will further add to the enjoyment of everyone at the Festival.”


María Sheila Cremaschi, Director of Hay Festival Segovia, underscored the fact that the Festival organisers “share with IE University a belief in the importance of critical through processes, coupled with a desire to showcase 21st century Segovia as being comparable to the Florence of the Medici”, adding a quote by Peter Florence: “For real change, let’s talk of dreams”.


Climate change, sustainability and humanities, key themes in the Hay Festival Segovia 2010.


As part of the agreement with Hay Festival Segovia 2010, IE University will be sponsoring three conferences and five workshops centered around humanities, architecture and communication.


Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, cited by Time magazine as one of the main innovators of this century, enjoying worldwide renown for projects like the Furniture House and the Paper Church (in response to the Kobe earthquakes) or the Pompidou Center (Metz, France), will be talking with Martha Thorne, Executive Director of the Pritzker Awards and Associate Dean of External Relations at IE School of Architecture, about the social responsibility of architecture. 


Swedish explorer Mikael Strandberg, who has explored over 115 countries over the last 23 years, and who was named “Explorer Hero” in 2002 by National Geographic, will be sharing his experiences with Samuel Martín-Barbero, Adjunct Dean of IE Business School. Mikael Strandberg has authored prize-winning documentaries, including “Patagonia - 3,000 Kilometres by Horse”,The Masai People - 1,000 Kilometres by Foot”, and “58 Degrees – Exploring Siberia on skis”


The current international situation and change management will be at the center of debates led by Geoffrey Parker, who is in Spain this month to present his new book “Felipe II” (published by Planeta). Parker, a renowned historian and hispanist, as well as senior lecturer at Ohio State University since 1997, will be talking to Rolf Strom Olsen, Professor of IE School of Arts and Humanities, about leadership challenges viewed from a historic perspective.


IE University students and professors involved in workshops and organization 


The agreement also includes the participation of students currently studying IE University’s  Bachelor in Communication in the Hay Festival’s Communication Committee, to work on strengthening the promotion of the event both in Spain and worldwide through blogs and social networks. Furthermore, some ten students from the University formed part of the international team of volunteers during the event.


IE University will lend added support to the main themes of this edition of the Hay Festival with the organization of five workshops led by its professors and centered on digital design in architecture, creative writing, multimedia journalism, and expression and spokesmanship. The journalism and spokesmanship workshops will be co-organized with journalists from leading Spanish daily ABC and members of the Dircom Association, respectively. 


In the recognition of the fact that the province of Castilla y Leon has forged an international reputation as the cradle of Castilian Spanish, the Hay Festival and IE University have designed a three-day workshop entitled “Español en Contexto (Spanish in context)” for international visitors, where they will discover the language through the writings of guest authors, and the legends and traditions of the city of Segovia.

IE and Brown University launch an innovative summer course for pre-university students from the US

14/03/2011 - General

Leading private US University Brown and IE University are set to run an innovative summer program in Segovia for US pre-university students, aimed at introducing them to the world of business, humanities, international relations, communication and law, while learning Spanish. The course forms part of a collaboration agreement between the two institutions which includes a series of joint programs, student exchanges, and research projects.


Course participants will be pre-university students selected by Brown University to undergo an intensive 3-week program designed to bring them their first taste of university life. Successful candidates will stand out for outstanding talent across different academic disciplines, despite their young age. Students will be aged between 15 and 17, and will receive classes in modern Spanish and EU history, cultural diversity, economy and art history in the mornings, led by IE University, together with a daily Spanish class. The afternoons will comprise three seminars focused on law and capital punishment, literature and censorship, and media arts, led by Brown University professors Corey Brettschneider, Allison Brettschneider and Ed Osborn, respectively.


“The thing that is so interesting about this program is that students learn by working in a relaxed and pleasant environment, using the same methodology that they will find at university” explained Miguel Larrañaga, Vice Rector for Institutional Relations at IE University and one of the professors that will be taking part in the project. Other IE professors include José María de Areilza, Dean of IE Law School and Director of the Jean Monnet-IE Chair, and Begoña González Cuesta, Director of the Degree in Communication. During their time in Spain the students will also get to visit Madrid, Cordoba, Seville and Barcelona, with a view to getting a feel for Spanish and European culture. Programmed activities include visits to museums like the Esteban Vicente museum, the Prado, and the Reina Sofia.


Brown University’s program director, Yolanda Castillo Appollonio, feels that “the most interesting aspect is that participants will be tackling a broad and highly diverse range of subjects that will help them to develop a better idea of the direction they want their university studies to take”, while Elena Lledó, academic coordinator of the Brown University study program, added that “These are forward-looking students who view the future from a highly professional perspective, guided by experienced and competent professors”.

IE University launches a Facebook application designed to bring the university world closer to young people

14/03/2011 - General

IE University has created a Facebook  application called  “Trivia Challenge” , to enable internet users to gauge their knowledge about biology, architecture, communication, law, art history, psychology and tourism. The aim is to provide a fun way for young people, for whom new technologies and internet are a way of life, to get to know more about the different subjects taught at the IE University campus.


The application presents users with a challenge: it poses trivia-style questions  that are divided into four levels, each of which represents a year of university studies.  Each level comprises eight questions related to the different degrees at IE University. The aim of the game is to answer as many questions as possible correctly to get a score that will get you onto the “most knowledgeable” list.


IE University is firmly committed to the new environment based on social networks and the application of technologies to education. It sees social networks as a powerful tool for connecting with students, which is why you can find IE University on all key networking sites, including Youtube, Tuenti, Facebook, Myspace and Flickr.


IE University also recently launched a mobile site that permits thousands of mobile users to access the internet and interact through its portal at, where people can find information on the University, its bachelor programs, social networks and a strategy game.


See the Trivia Challenge  application at  


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