Jordi Sevilla joins IE Business School faculty

14/03/2011 - General

Spain’s former Minister of Public Administrations will teach economic environment and country analysis


Jordi Sevilla, Spain’s former Minister of Public Administrations will join IE Business School’s faculty at the start of the 2009-2010 academic year. Sevilla will be teaching economic environment and country analysis as associate professor.


Jordi Sevilla Segura holds a degree in economic sciences from the University of Valencia and is a member of the Cuerpo Superior de Técnicos Comerciales y Economistas del Estado (Association for Trade and Economy Advisors to the Spanish State). Sevilla has held positions that include advisor on international economic relations to the Spanish government (1985-1991), cabinet leader of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture (1991-1993), cabinet leader of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (1993-1996) and advisor to the Socialist Parliamentary Group in Spanish congress (1998-2000). From the year 2000 until August 2009 he served as a member of parliament representing the Spanish province of Castellón and as Secretary for Economic Policy for the Executive Federal Commission of the Spanish Socialist Party. In the 2000-2004 legislature he was shadow minister of economy for the Spanish Socialist Party in congress. From 2004 to 2007 he served as the Spanish government’s Minister of Public Administrations. Jordi Sevilla has authored a series of specialized articles and books, including  ‘Balance y perspectivas de las relaciones Norte-Sur’ (1993), ‘La economía española ante la moneda única’ (1997) and ‘De nuevo socialismo’ (2002).

IE Business School MBA, No. 3 in the Forbes ranking

14/03/2011 - General

The biennial ranking gauges the return on investment of MBA programs based on the experience of 4,000 graduates from 103 business schools


IE Business School holds the no. 3 position worldwide in the ranking of non-US schools published by US magazine Forbes ( The ranking, which is published every two years, evaluates the return on investment of MBA programs five years after completion as reported by 4,000 graduates from 103 business schools. Forbes divides MBAs into 3 categories: MBAs from US Schools; non-US one-year MBAs; and non-US two-year MBAs. IE Business School holds third position in the non-US one-year MBA category. In order to draw up the ranking, analysts from Forbes calculated the time it took graduates to recoup their investment and how their salaries have evolved over the last 5 years. The report underscores the fact that European business schools provide the best return on investment. 


This year the IE Business School International MBA program has students from 57 countries, making it one of the most diverse MBA programs in the world. In order to leverage the international experience and take learning beyond management, the program includes modules designed to foster critical thought coupled with a capacity for teamwork and networking. Students are immersed in activities that include workshops on communication led by actors from Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, or sessions led by professors from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, associated with architects like Norman Foster, David Chipperfield or Zaha Hadid. Furthermore, sessions on humanities provide insights into the Arab world, Indian and Chinese civilizations, and contemporary culture.

IE University, academic partner of the Hay Festival Segovia 2009

14/03/2011 - General

· IE University is a key sponsor of the festival

· IE University professors to lead workshops on communication and architecture

· IE University students will form part of the festival communication team


IE University and the Festival Foundation of Literature and Arts Charitable Trust have signed a collaboration agreement making the University the key sponsor of the 4th edition of The Guardian Hay Festival Segovia, an international art meeting which will bring together over 50 writers and European and Latin American thinkers in Segovia on September 23 – 27. Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño, Rector of IE University, and María Sheila Cremaschi, representative of the Festival Foundation of Literature and Arts Charitable, have signed the agreement whereby IE University will contribute to the organization of the festival by supplying experts, resources and premises.


“Hay Festival enjoys an international reputation for promoting art and literature,” says Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño. “This agreement further underlines IE University’s commitment to shape global citizens with a humanistic approach, and our efforts to help make Segovia an international hub of knowledge and culture.”


María Sheila Cremaschi observed that “The collaboration agreement with IE University serves to underscore The Guardian Hay Festival’s commitment to education, communication and technologies as new forms of knowledge and cultural enrichment”.


As part of the agreement, Francis Pisani, a professor of IE School of Communication who has gained worldwide renown for his blogs on the impact of the cybernetic world on day-to-day life and business, will be taking part in Hay Festival 2009. Francis Pisani will participate in the workshop on ‘2.0, the future of the media’ together with Gumersindo Lafuente, founder of the website and former director of El He will also be analyzing the way in which the web transforms society, with Emily Bell, director of digital content of UK publishing group Guardian News & Media. Based in San Francisco, Pisani is a columnist in publications that include El País (Spain), Le Monde (France) and Reforma (Mexico), and he collaborates with institutions like  Stanford University and Berkeley.


The agreement also includes the participation of the students of the Bachelor in Communication of IE University in the Hay Festival Communication Committee, working on the promotion of the event in Spain and worldwide. The participants in Hay Festival Segovia will attend workshops on creative architecture and digital communication run by experts from IE University. Laura Tapia, professor of visual arts at IE School of Communication, will be running the workshop on ‘How to create a videoblog in two hours”, aimed at creating multimedia platforms. Ana Pla Catalá, head of technological studies at IE School of Architecture, will head the workshop on ‘Digital Design Making’, which explores how to revolutionize architecture and space through technologies.

International experts in Social Entrepreneurship meet at IE University

14/03/2011 - General

International experts in Social Entrepreneurship meet at IE University 

IE University, in collaboration with the Social Entrepreneurship and Education Consortium (SEEC), will host a conference for international experts in Social Entrepreneurship on July  9, 10 and 11 in Segovia.  This event, organized by IE professor Rachida Justo, is the first international workshop in Spain on Social Entrepreneurship.


The conference will bring together experts from over 20 countries, including Germany, Canada, Chile, Denmark, US, Egypt, Holland, India, England, Gambia, Mexico, Norway and Venezuela. They will share knowledge of the challenges and impact on society of social entrepreneurship, an innovative business model that is increasingly widespread.


Internationally renowned speakers.

Conference participants comprise academics, social entrepreneurs and key players from the field of social entrepreneurship, including:


· Odón Casadesús, founder of RECICLEM (, Spain.


· Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., LEED AP, founder and CEO of (, Canada and US.


· Robert Katz, Knowledge and Communication Associate of Acumen Fund (, US.


· Mareike Hussels, Dutch representative of E+Co, leading firm worldwide in investment in the clean energies sector, focused on development of low income communities ( ), Holland.


· Robert Katz, Knowledge and Communication Associate of Acumen Fund, María Calvo, Director of Ashoka España, Patricia Moreira, General Director of Ayuda en Acción and Javier Martin-Cavanna, President of Compromiso Empresarial.


· Ana Millán, Director of Accenture Foundation España.


· Javier Martín-Cavanna, President of Compromiso Empresarial ( )

· Patricia Moreira, Executive Director of Ayuda en Acción (


· María Calvo, Director of Ashoka Spain (



International Social Entrepreneurship Projects

The workshops that comprise the conference will include a business plan competition for social and environmentally sustainable business projects. Some 10 student teams from countries that include the US, India, Spain, Gambia, Mexico, and Norway will compete before a panel for a prize of €1,500 and business assessment sponsored by the Accenture Foundation.



Social Entrepreneurship and Education Consortium 

SEEC is a non-profit organization founded by Stanford University, MIT and Elon University, and is aimed at people involved in the promotion and creation of social companies and businesses dedicated to research or education in the field of social entrepreneurship. https:/


Candidates from over 30 countries for IE University’s Bachelor in Business Administration

14/03/2011 - General

The IE University BBA will be run in English and Spanish, starting in the 2009-10 academic year

Over 70% of expressions of interest come from international students

IE University enjoys the support of IE Business School, recognized as being among the best management education providers worldwide

IE University is to launch its Bachelor in Business Administration in the fall of 2009. The BBA will be the University’s first official degree in business administration, a field in which IE is considered a world reference. The degree rounds off IE’s portfolio of management education programs, which now encompasses university degrees, postgraduate degrees and executive education programs. The BBA, which will run in both English and Spanish versions and is fully compliant with Bologna requirements, offers a special focus on entrepreneurship, technological innovation and a humanistic approach.

To date over 70% of expressions of interest in the BBA have come from international students. Candidates are from over 30 countries of origin, including the US, India, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Hungary and Mexico. “IE has been shaping corporate leaders for 35 years, equipping them with global vision, an entrepreneurial mind-set and a humanistic focus. Now we have designed a new Bachelor in Business Administration with an eminently practical approach and a multidisciplinary structure in line with business realities,” said Martin Boehm, Dean of Graduate Studies at IE Business School.

IE University wants to attract the best Spanish and international talent. In order to achieve this it has launched its Academic Excellence Scholarship Program, covering up to 75% of program fees and aimed at students with outstanding academic records and personal achievements. The Academic Excellence Scholarships form part of a wider program offering a total of 2.5 million Euros in student aid. 


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