International experts in Social Entrepreneurship meet at IE University

14/03/2011 - General

International experts in Social Entrepreneurship meet at IE University 

IE University, in collaboration with the Social Entrepreneurship and Education Consortium (SEEC), will host a conference for international experts in Social Entrepreneurship on July  9, 10 and 11 in Segovia.  This event, organized by IE professor Rachida Justo, is the first international workshop in Spain on Social Entrepreneurship.


The conference will bring together experts from over 20 countries, including Germany, Canada, Chile, Denmark, US, Egypt, Holland, India, England, Gambia, Mexico, Norway and Venezuela. They will share knowledge of the challenges and impact on society of social entrepreneurship, an innovative business model that is increasingly widespread.


Internationally renowned speakers.

Conference participants comprise academics, social entrepreneurs and key players from the field of social entrepreneurship, including:


· Odón Casadesús, founder of RECICLEM (, Spain.


· Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., LEED AP, founder and CEO of (, Canada and US.


· Robert Katz, Knowledge and Communication Associate of Acumen Fund (, US.


· Mareike Hussels, Dutch representative of E+Co, leading firm worldwide in investment in the clean energies sector, focused on development of low income communities ( ), Holland.


· Robert Katz, Knowledge and Communication Associate of Acumen Fund, María Calvo, Director of Ashoka España, Patricia Moreira, General Director of Ayuda en Acción and Javier Martin-Cavanna, President of Compromiso Empresarial.


· Ana Millán, Director of Accenture Foundation España.


· Javier Martín-Cavanna, President of Compromiso Empresarial ( )

· Patricia Moreira, Executive Director of Ayuda en Acción (


· María Calvo, Director of Ashoka Spain (



International Social Entrepreneurship Projects

The workshops that comprise the conference will include a business plan competition for social and environmentally sustainable business projects. Some 10 student teams from countries that include the US, India, Spain, Gambia, Mexico, and Norway will compete before a panel for a prize of €1,500 and business assessment sponsored by the Accenture Foundation.



Social Entrepreneurship and Education Consortium 

SEEC is a non-profit organization founded by Stanford University, MIT and Elon University, and is aimed at people involved in the promotion and creation of social companies and businesses dedicated to research or education in the field of social entrepreneurship. https:/


Candidates from over 30 countries for IE University’s Bachelor in Business Administration

14/03/2011 - General

The IE University BBA will be run in English and Spanish, starting in the 2009-10 academic year

Over 70% of expressions of interest come from international students

IE University enjoys the support of IE Business School, recognized as being among the best management education providers worldwide

IE University is to launch its Bachelor in Business Administration in the fall of 2009. The BBA will be the University’s first official degree in business administration, a field in which IE is considered a world reference. The degree rounds off IE’s portfolio of management education programs, which now encompasses university degrees, postgraduate degrees and executive education programs. The BBA, which will run in both English and Spanish versions and is fully compliant with Bologna requirements, offers a special focus on entrepreneurship, technological innovation and a humanistic approach.

To date over 70% of expressions of interest in the BBA have come from international students. Candidates are from over 30 countries of origin, including the US, India, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Hungary and Mexico. “IE has been shaping corporate leaders for 35 years, equipping them with global vision, an entrepreneurial mind-set and a humanistic focus. Now we have designed a new Bachelor in Business Administration with an eminently practical approach and a multidisciplinary structure in line with business realities,” said Martin Boehm, Dean of Graduate Studies at IE Business School.

IE University wants to attract the best Spanish and international talent. In order to achieve this it has launched its Academic Excellence Scholarship Program, covering up to 75% of program fees and aimed at students with outstanding academic records and personal achievements. The Academic Excellence Scholarships form part of a wider program offering a total of 2.5 million Euros in student aid. 

América Economía magazine ranks IE Business School’s MBA no. 1 in Europe for Latin American directors

14/03/2011 - General

*IE Business School, Harvard y Stanford offer the three best MBA programs for Latin American directors.


*The ranking underscores the school’s connections with Latin America and networking potential.


*The IE Business School MBA program is the best European option and is ranked no. 2 worldwide.


IE Business School has further consolidated its position as one of the top business schools in the world following the results of a ranking of MBA programs carried out by leading Latin American magazine América Economía. Published this week, the ranking is largely considered a benchmark for management education among Latin American directors.


IE Business School’s MBA program now holds the no. 2 position worldwide, having climbed two places since the 2008 edition, positioning it as the best MBA option in Europe for Latin American directors.


The length of the program, which runs for 13 months, and its strong connections with Latin America, are two of the key advantages offered by IE Business School according to the América Economía Intelligence Unit.


The close relations that IE Business School enjoys with companies, institutions and key players in the economy of the region, and the potential of its alumni network are the main differentiating factors that have positioned IE Business School as the school with the best return on investment for directors in Latin America.


The result follows similar achievements in international rankings published by media agencies that include Financial Times, The Economist and BusinessWeek, which rank IE Business School among the best schools in the world.


IE Business School also enjoys relations with leading Latin American business schools through the Sumaq Alliance. Sumaq partner schools include Egade (Mexico) FGV-EAESP (Brazil), INCAE (Central America), IESA (Venezuela) Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina), Universidad Católica Pontificia de Chile and Universidad de los Andes (Colombia).

IE and Brown University announced the formalization of a multifaceted relationship

14/03/2011 - General

Madrid/Boston- Students at IE University will have the opportunity to do summer courses in Providence.


IE and Brown University are delighted to announce the formalization of a multifaceted relationship, bringing together one of Europe´s leading business schools and a leading North American research university.


Brown and IE share a commitment to academic excellence and to innovation in research and teaching.  Both are committed to the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit in the academic world no less than in the worlds of management and technological innovation.


We anticipate developing a wide range of research and teaching opportunities together over the coming years as we explore synergies between our interdisciplinary approaches to graduate and undergraduate training for leadership in our increasingly global world. 


"This initiative comes at a particularly propitious time, as the global economic situation calls for a systematic rethinking of financial systems and management paradigms. There needs to be a much wider approach to understanding the role of corporations and managers within our global society. Managers need to be exposed to broader philosophies and schools of thought, building a wider vision of value creation and sustainability. This alliance is a major step forward in developing a higher education model which is focused on developing students who are global citizens as well as well rounded professionals" says Santiago Iñiguez, Dean of IE Business School.


To support this agenda, Brown and IE seek to link the expertise of the two institutions in a number of innovative exchanges and programs. Utilizing the strengths of IE Business School in management and Brown´s excellence in the humanities, social, biological and physical sciences, both institutions seek to foster a platform of interdisciplinary research and teaching.  This will be supported through exchanges of faculty and students from various programs and at different levels of each school.


David Kennedy, Vice President of International Affairs at Brown University described the new relationship as an opportunity to focus on innovative approaches to management. "The future of management and leadership education lies in reimagining the MBA and other management programs so as to link traditional analytic skills with humanist and scientific learning, pursue interdisciplinary research across a broad range of fields relating to organizational, economic and social dynamics, and develop new pedagogic and research avenues in the fields of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship".


Brown´s undergraduate program on Commerce, Organization and Entrepreneurship will be a key component of the relationship with IE, as will Brown´s Master´s Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME). We expect additional synergies among our summer and continuing education, adult education and executive education offerings, both in Rhode Island and in Spain. 


One of the first major ventures to be launched will be an IE Executive MBA developed through an alliance between IE and Brown´s Continuing Education division. IE will launch a version of its top ranked International Executive MBA with some distinct characteristics developed with Brown in the summer of 2009, aiming to commence the program in the fall of 2010. Aimed at senior executives with more than 10 years work experience, the program will draw on IE´s expertise in blended learning formats, linking state of the art online learning methodologies and face to face periods. This program will include residential periods on Brown´s campus in Providence Rhode Island and IE´s centre in Madrid. Faculty from both institutions will be involved in the design and delivery of the program, which will primarily be taught by leading faculty from IE´s world renowned faculty. This effort represents a major step for Brown in the field of continuing, adult and on-line education.


"This promises to be a truly innovative program in terms of content and delivery. The opportunity for participants to take part in an internationally diverse, blended program whilst exploring some exciting new approaches to management through disciplines in the humanities and physical sciences, promises to be a really unique experience".


About IE  

IE shapes leaders that promote innovation and change in organizations, equipping directors with an entrepreneurial mindset that generates employment, wealth and social wellbeing. Recognized as one of the world´s leading business schools, IE has an urban campus in Madrid and a university campus in Segovia and a faculty of more than 500 professors who teach students from 75 countries on its bachelors, master´s, Ph.D. and executive education programs. IE students use innovative online and face-to-face learning formats, including the IE Communities platform where they exchange knowledge and experiences with 35,000 IE graduates that currently hold management positions in some 100 countries.



About Brown University

Brown University, in Providence, Rhode Island, is an Ivy League institution with a distinctive undergraduate academic curriculum, outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art research facilities, and a tradition of innovative and rigorous multidisciplinary study. Brown offers nearly 100 programs of study to its approximately 7,700 undergraduate, graduate, and medical students from around the world and has a firm commitment to academic excellence and diversity in its student population. The University adheres to a collaborative university-college model in which faculty are as committed to teaching as they are to research, embracing a curriculum in which students are the architects of their education. For more information, visit the University´s Web site.

Young people from 9 countries comprise the IE University Junior Advisory Board

14/03/2011 - General

Members met in Madrid from March 31 to April 4 to discuss how they imagine the university of the future, the fields of knowledge that will play a key role in the coming years, and the potential of internet to further the learning process.

They feel that university education has to be modern, practical, creative and socially responsible.

IE University held its first International Junior Advisory Board (JAB) Meeting from March 31 to April 1, with 14 board members aged between 13 and 18 years old from Spain, Mexico, Russia, Peru, Singapore, China, Uganda, South Africa and the US. Members were selected to form part of the Board based on their extraordinary profiles,  and brought to the IE Campuses in Madrid and Segovia to debate what the university of the future will be like, which fields of knowledge will play a key role over the coming years, and the potential of online channels to serve as an education tool.   

During their stay in Spain, these young members met up with members of the IE Advisory Board, comprised of top executives that include Emilio Azcárraga (Televisa), Luciano Benetton (Benetton), Carl Hahn (Volkswagen), Magda Salarich (Banco Santander), Amparo Moraleda (Iberdrola) and Peter Sutherland (Goldman Sachs). The members of the Junior Advisory Board presented their senior counterparts with their conclusions regarding future university education. 

The ideas they put forward include the belief that university programs have to be modern, practical, creative and socially responsible. "I want to see the world as it is – raw, inedited and unfiltered. That is the only way for an artist to see", said Myhrra Duarte of Mexico. The members of the Junior Advisory Board see  globalization as a vehicle for new opportunities and industries to grow and for a greater exchange of ideas.   "If education was the human body, humanism would be the heart", said Ms. Duarte, "and without it, education would die".  Humanistic values, they believe, are fundamental not only in a person’s development as a professional but as a human being.  

"We have to listen to young people to design education programs that respond to their concerns, taking into account the way they see the world, covering the fields they see as most relevant, and leveraging their proficiency in technologies", says IE University. "This initiative further underlines IE´s commitment to promote innovation and humanities, and its international approach to higher education". 

In order to select members of the board, IE University used its network of international offices in 20 countries, which contacted 100 schools and colleges to ask them to recommend candidates based on their  intellectual capacity and maturity, language and technology skills, curiosity, determination, capacity for work, creative intelligence and commitment to humanistic values and social responsibility.  

After studying the candidatures exhaustively, the JAB project heads selected 14 young people. Some of the youngsters have received distinctions in their home countries for their achievements in disciplines like mathematics, sports or journalism. Some have blogs with thousands of readers or have rendered humanitarian services in the wake of natural disasters, such as the Sichuan earthquake, which shook central China in 2008. Others have participated in international forums like Club Unesco, War Affected Children and United Nations Module at Harvard.


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