IE University welcomes students from the University of Arizona for a culture immersion course

06/06/2012 - IE University

Under an agreement with IE University, a group of students from the University of Arizona in Tucson, a US institution and an international leader in Technology and Engineering studies, takes part in a program of linguistic and cultural immersion in Segovia. For six weeks, thirty-two American students will attend classes on the campus of Santa Cruz la Real to learn Spanish language, literature, art and culture, taught by professors from IE University and the University of Arizona.

IE University and INDRA create an observatory to define the profile of business leaders of future

06/06/2012 - IE University, business

IE University and Indra have combined their innovative nature, knowledge and experience in business management and human resources, along with the search for executive excellence and professional leadership, to launch the first “Observatory for obtaining and analysing the profiles and professional careers of the presidents and CEOs of leading companies of reference.”

Segovia’s Casa de Moneda building to house IE University business laboratory

21/03/2012 - IE University

Segovia City Council signed a collaboration agreement today with IE University whereby the city’s Casa de Moneda (Royal Mint) building will house a business laboratory run by IE University to promote innovation and help develop an entrepreneurial mindset in the region. IE University will thus be collaborating with the city of Segovia to convert the Casa de Moneda, a cultural heritage building considered the oldest example of industrial architecture of its kind in Europe, into an international incubator for innovative businesses.

IE University will run two new bachelor degree programs in International Relations and Finance

02/02/2012 - IE University, International Relations, Finance

IE University is to extend its program portfolio for the upcoming 2012/2013 academic year with new bachelor degrees in Finance and International Relations, as well as running sections of its Bachelor in Business Administration and its Dual Degree in Business Administration and Law at its Madrid campus.

IE University launches Bachelor in Business Administration and Dual Degree BBA and Law in Madrid

16/01/2012 - IE University, Bachelor in Business Administration

IE University’s Bachelor in Business Administration and Dual Degree BBA and Law will have a section based in Madrid for the coming 2012-2013 academic year in addition to that of Segovia. The Madrid-based option is the latest addition to IE University’s business administration programs, which to date have been run exclusively at the University’s Segovia campus. Both sections will offer a degree program with a markedly international slant and a special focus on entrepreneurship, with the same faculty, program content, and extracurricular activities.


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