Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Stand out as a global law professional

The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

Is for individuals who are…

conscientious and have a strong sense of fairness. You show leadership and strive to contribute towards a more harmonious and just world.

Looking for...

a solid and international programme that will prepare you for a global practice of law in both the public and private fields.

To become...

  • a corporate lawyer
  • a transnational lawyer
  • a civil servant in international organizations
  • a legal advisor for non-governmental organizations

Approaching law from a global and practical perspective




4 years




Segovia and/or Madrid

If you want to practice law in an international setting and work in top law firms, major corporations, and organizations worldwide this program will give you the skills to bring effective solutions to a global corporate environment. Our innovative Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) program is centered on the fundamentals of civil and common law, using comparative methodologies with a focus on European Union law, and modeled after the expertise of the world-ranked IE Law School. We train corporate lawyers who can work with international clients in cross-border transactions and become leaders in their organizations and in society.


Develop the English skills needed to have a successful international career in law.

Studying a Bachelor of Laws at IEU means that once you graduate you will get immersed in an international environment and you will have to face challenges at a global scale. In order to prepare you for the real world and avoid language constraints, our Bachelor of Laws is fully delivered in English. For those who need to improve their language skills in order to study international laws in its natural and international language and graduate with a proficiency level of the language, we offer a special track during the first year.

The Comparative Law Methodology

The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) at IE University incorporates the comparative law methodology in the legal training of future lawyers. Comparative law is the study of different legal systems, and consist in studying the differences and similarities of various legal cultures, such as the Civil Law and the Common Law traditions. Through comparative law, we study the fundamentals of legal institutions, legislation and jurisprudence in different countries around the world. This is particularly important in the current times due to economic globalization and, to the process of internalization that the legal market and legal knowledge are going through.

Hear from different professors around the world why comparative law is essential in the education of future legal professionals.


Through unique partnerships with prestigious global organizations and institutions, the LL.B. offers you the possibility of developing your career in different countries. These diverse partnerships have been designed to offer our students several paths that will allow them to practice law in different countries and legal systems.

During your degree you will be able to choose among four tracks. Regardless the track you decide to follow, you will graduate fully prepared to practice law on a global level both in public and private fields and you will have access to many diverse professional paths.


  • LL.B. IEU + Concentration Diplomas


  • LL.B. Abogacía + Double Master at IE Law School


  • LL.B. IEU + LL.M. Northwestern University
  • LL.B. IEU + J.D. Northwestern University


  • LL.B. IEU + LL.B. UK + LPC (The University of Law)
  • LL.B. IEU + LL.B. UK + BPTC (The University of Law)
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IE Law School is a vibrant community of professors, professionals and students from all over the world, joined by the conviction that law offers a privileged starting point to understand and improve our global, complex world.
Over the past 40 years, IE Law School has consolidated itself as a national and international reference in training law professionals with a global focus, thanks to the combination of faculty excellence, unique programs based on the case method, and active research centers. Our mission is to train excellent lawyers who can shine in an extremely globalized and ever-changing world.


According to the list published annually by the Financial Times, IE Law School's LLM programs are some of the best legal training programs in the world. Additionally, IE is recognized by the four main accrediting agencies and associations in the legal and business training world.


IE Law School offers different legal programs, both graduate and undergraduate, adapted to the profile of each student and taking into account their professional objectives. There are programs in English and Spanish, all taught with a global perspective to international students.

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Program Overview

This truly unique program provides the fundamentals of Civil and Common Law, with a focus on European Union Law. On top of this foundation students will later focus on the area they choose to specialize in.

A flexible specialization

  • Foundations of Law: In your first years you will study Civil Law and Common Law, with a focus on EU law.
  • Concentration Diploma: Then you are able to build your expertise in a specific area.

Beyond class experience

Our innovative, practice-based approach means that your training will be enhanced by internships in leading law firms and corporations that form IE Law School’s partners and networks.

Law Unplugged

Law Unplugged is a practice-focused component of your program. Each term you will be immersed in real-life scenarios and projects through workshops and visits to leading law firms.

Unique legal training

This is a truly unique program that gives you comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of Civil and Common Law, with a focus on European Union Law.
IE University has been granted a European Module within the Jean Monnet Programme to support the teaching and research of European common private law. Possession of the Module demonstrates that the study of European common private law is approached transversally through four different courses: European Legal History, EU Law, Contracts, and Property, plus Advanced Seminars and international conferences.The Module allows students to develop a more integrated, global, and sophisticated understanding of European common private law.



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