The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) is aimed at individuals with a strong sense of fairness who wish to contribute towards a more harmonious and just world through leadership and the right set of skills to work in any system or area of society.


The Bachelor of Laws is for...

Individuals who are...

conscientious and have a strong sense of fairness. You show leadership and strive to contribute to a more harmonious and just world. 


Looking for...

a solid and international program that will prepare you for a global practice of law in both the public and private fields. 


To become...

* A transnational lawyer

* A corporate lawyer

* A civil servant in international organizations

* A legal advisor for non-gonvernmental organizations



"My overall goal is without a doubt the desire to affect the lives of others through my work and to feel like I have contributed towards a more just and fraternal society." Chiara, Belgium 

“When someone asks what kind of future I picture for myself, it is a more intricate concept than just saying, ‘l want to be an international lawyer...’I want to make people aware of their rights by sharing my knowledge with the world. Helping others to overcome their troubles makes me believe in justice and leads me to dream that maybe we will live in a harmonious world.” Marta, Italy

“Law gives me the opportunity to help people in different ways. Law provides many pathways and enables me to work in different areas within society.” Henrietta, Sweden

“I am particularly interested in working at an international enterprise or offices of lawyers that work globally.” Álvaro, Spain


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