IE University launches its mobile website

14/03/2011 - General

IE is the first university to launch a pan-European Mobile marketing campaign 


IE University’s new mobile website will permit hundreds of thousands of users to access its website, where they can find information on the University, its bachelor programs, social network, and a competitive strategy game.


IE University joined forces with mobile marketing leader the YOC group to develop the new mobile site. The result is a wide-reaching mobile communication campaign using websites aimed at young people in Spain, France, Germany and the UK.


Nuria Izquierdo, Online Marketing Manager at IE University, feels that IE University has a deep knowledge of internet consumer habits among its students. “That’s why our mobile website was the next logical step to take in order to maintain maximum interaction with both current and potential students”.


With this initiative IE University aims to increase its already extensive presence on new channels like Youtube, Tuenti, Facebook, Myspace, and Flickr.


IE University’s mobile website


IE University’s mobile website offers mobile users general information on the University, its program portfolio, and a virtual campus tour. Visitors can also use the site to access the University’s Twitter account and YouTube, or request and receive personalized information about programs.


The site also features the IE Mobile Game, a viral educational game of strategy based on The Tower of Hanoi. In the game students compete to demonstrate their skill and intelligence in moving all the disks from one rod to another, one at a time without ever placing a disk on top of a smaller one. The ten best times appear on a list that everyone can see, with fierce competition among students to get onto it. Students can also send their times to each other, bringing a viral component to the game that generates further dynamism and visibility for the site.


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