Bachelor in International Relations

A personalized study path

IE University takes an applied and student-centered approach to education where each individual’s uniqueness is identified and students are given the chance to build their own path. You can personalize your program by adding to the core degree an area of concentration, complimentary courses, seminars, internships and IE Labs, the sum of which is a well-balanced degree program.

Personalized Support

Students receive academic guidance from tutors and advisors who provide direction and help them to integrate the different elements of their degree in order to build a personalized academic program that matches their professional aspirations.

IE Start-Up Lab

The IE Start-Up Lab is an incubator where students can develop their business plans and make them investment ready, with the guidance of professors and entrepreneurs. Students are given further resources with the support of IE Business School’s Venture Lab, where they can pitch their idea to potential investors at IE Venture Days and turn their ideas into reality.

Advanced Seminars

Advanced Seminars complement the core degree by giving students deeper knowledge of subjects in their major area of study, and enable students to integrate other fields of study into their program.

IE Labs and Internships

IE Labs are IE University’s alternative to traditional internships. Aimed specifically for first and second year students seeking high level internship placements, the IE Labs provide hands-on, internship-like experience on campus, working on projects for leading companies and institutions in a variety of sectors. Additionally, students can also carry out internships, working in different sectors and gaining professional skills and an international profile that are highly valued by employers.

Final Degree Project

The Final Degree Project is a major part of the fourth year’s curriculum. Students choose their topic with faculty and are guided by their advisor, drawing upon the knowledge the student has gained from specific academic areas and internships or IE Labs projects which the student carried out during their degree program.

The IR Lab

The International Relations Lab is a fully tutored working space where students execute professional projects with an international dimension for private companies, public organizations and non-profits. The IR Lab students also work in different industries and sector such as consultancy, international development, public affairs, and diplomacy. The IR Lab is comprised of a truly diverse team of students.

Project - Funding Development in partnership with The Minga Foundation

The IR Lab students evaluated of 40 projects and proposals which seek funding and assistance in capacity building in Africa, Asia and Latam.

Project - Public Affairs & Communication Plan in partnership with Weber Shandwik and Gestamp

The IR Lab students developed a global public affairs and communication plan for Gestamp, a Spanish multinational corporation specialized in developing innovatively designed products to achieve safer and lighter vehicles.

Team building Workshops

In addition to executing projects, the IR Lab students also participate in workshops to learn more about each other and truly become an effective team. These workshops represent great opportunities to improve soft skills and abilities, and to understand how the work of each team member impacts a project´s results.

IEU Labs

Social Impact Lab

During the bachelor degree in International Relations students can choose to participate in a Social Impact Project whereby they work in non-profit organizations and other initiatives, managing social projects in international settings. Students find this experience to be one of the most memorable and enriching parts of their program.


  • Junior Achievement (and EBS Summer Law School), Spain
  • Coaching Corporation, Spain
  • UNICEF, Spain
  • Doctors Without Borders, Spain
  • Strawberry Earth, Netherlands
  • Aflatoun - Child Finance, Netherlands
  • Bernard Van Leer Foundation, The Hague, Netherlands
  • Missing Children Europe, Brussels, Belgium
  • Mestizage, Denmark


  • UNICEF, Brazil
  • Fundación Andar, Mexico
  • Action Aid, Madrid and South America
  • Club Atlético de Madrid, Argentina, Kenya, Ireland
  • BBVA Foundation, Peru and Colombia
  • Habitat for Humanity, Argentina


  • The Kids League, Uganda
  • Fundación Atlético Madrid (Strathmore University Educational Trust), Kenya
  • Finacieros Sin Fronteras, Ghana
  • Kasarini Primary School, Kenya
  • Elonga Internship Program, Namibia

Take the next step in your education

In an increasingly challenging and fast paced world, the demand for professionals with a specialized Master who excel in an international environment is continuously increasing. By taking your education one step further, you will be provided with the essential skills that will build not only your character and mindset, but that will also meet the needs of the specific field you wish to work in, including the private and public sectors or your own business venture.
Graduating from the Bachelor in International Relations gives you preferential access to study one of the many master programs offered at IE. You can complete a Bachelor and Master’s degree in as little as 5 years, and gain a competitive skill set on which to build a successful career.

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