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Career Management Center

Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. The IE Career Management Center (CMC) helps graduates launch their careers across industries and around the globe and guides them throughout this decision-making process.


The IE Career Management Center (CMC) is the professional development partner of all IE students and alumni, shaping individuals ready to contribute to the success of a company or organization. We work to provide our students with the tools to improve their employability by training and advising them to succeed in the job market.

The CMC provides you with exclusive resources that aid your job search, and has impressive employer connections. With personalized guidance, coaching and face-to-face sessions with your Career Advisor, we give you the boost you need to take off. And by supporting your professional and personal growth, we build upon the lifelong love of learning you develop at IE University.


IE University’s international recognition and agreements with leading companies and institutions affords graduates the opportunity to secure opportunities internationally. A large percentage of our students are employed straight after graduation either by a company where they did an internship or through the CMC selection process.


Map your path to success

We know you want to lead a fulfilling and successful professional career. The Career Services Department is here to help you assess your interests, expectations and skills as you make important decisions about your future. It’s time to get started on this journey. Throughout your university studies with us, we will guide you towards the right steps to take as you map your path to success.


The first step would be to discover your interests, prospects and motivations – your path to follow.

You will need to invest time for research and reflection, choosing activities that interest you and contemplating whether to continue with further education. There are many things you can do during your time at IE University to get to know yourself and discover the career that would best suit you.
Learn what Career Services can do for you in terms of resources, information and advice.

You can also attend drop-in sessions for sector-specific advice.

Launch your career

You should enrich your knowledge of the professional world, make a complete and focused self assessment, start creating your professional network and develop strategies to approach companies and recruiters.

Carlos Díez

Director of IE University Career Services

Mariola Díez

Associate Director of IE University Career Services

Victoria Tornos

Associate Director of IE University Career Services