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Carlos Marquerie

About me

I was born in Madrid before the tech revolution of the ‘80s, so I was able to experience what the beginning of the digital age truly means. I was lucky enough to study with Nobel Prize Pr. Friedrich and finish my MBA at IE Business School, before completing a certificate in International Strategies from London Business School. I was a professor of Competitive Strategy at IE University from 1986 to 1989 before studying sustainability in investment and finance at Harvard University. Today, I am a PhD candidate by the Telecommunication and Services Engineering School at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. I love innovation—it’s part of my personality. My parents taught me that imagination has no limits and that through technology nothing is impossible. That’s why I love disruption. It's the only way to take truly exponential leaps.

Breaking barriers with disruption and innovation

Music—especially jazz—is Carlos’ passion. A jazz guitarist, he was lucky enough to learn with the best, like Roni Ben-Hur, Joaquín Chacón and Israel Sandoval. From 2005 to 2009 he ran Café Berlín in Madrid, considered one of the top jazz clubs in Spain by The New York Times. This hobby led Carlos to realize his love for discovering new talent, a passion he brings to his current role as director of two bachelor programs at IE University.

Carlos began his career at KPMG as a strategy consultant, so from a young age, his professional life involved modeling new concepts. He later went on to work for other consultancies, like PwC, Deloitte and Capgemini, focusing on strategy and technological innovation. While working for Naturgy, he was involved in the privatization of electricity production and distribution in Central America, and was vice president of several venture capital funds.

His varied professional life led him to taking on new projects and spin-offs, such as the digital innovation consultancy for Indra. Since 2009 he has run his own startup—4 Innovation—where he acts as a talent scout in Israel, Singapore and the US for large Spanish corporations like Gamesa, Repsol and Aguas de Barcelona. The startup developed a new algorithm that can capitalize on the science behind innovation ecosystems to understand Israel’s innovation architecture and transport this information to the world of business strategy. In 2017, he created a model for innovation ecosystems using neural networks algorithms, as part of a new startup called Moonshot. This achievement was awarded first prize at the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington.

Carlos has brought his passion and expertise in strategy and innovation to his work as an educator. He is the Director of the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, and the Bachelor in Information Systems Management. He is also a professor of innovation ecosystems and the history of innovation at IE University. He has previously worked at IE Business School, CEU Business School, EAE Business School and the Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Lisbon. Throughout his pedagogical career, his motivation has always been to do new things by projecting and developing innovative business models while embracing previously unseen challenges.

IE University has defined Carlos’ academic and professional life. When he got the opportunity to lead the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, he felt that he had to give back. He sees IE University as the best university to educate professionals who understand that innovation is not a soft skill, but a strategic science, and disruption is the source of competitive advantages.

The Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence prepares students for the new digital era, in which the fusion of technology and human intelligence has increased the capacity of supercomputing and reduced latency in communication. Carlos makes sure that his students acquire not only an understanding of exponential technologies, but also a new mindset that prepares them for the challenges of the upcoming technological age. Carlos’ Innovation Ecosystems module helps students understand these new paradigms and gives them a strategic vision for their academic and professional careers, and beyond.

While it is a demanding program, Carlos recommends that students enjoy and embrace this wonderful opportunity to explore a different way of looking at technology and business at IE University—a four-year incubator of new ideas.


"“My motivation had always been to do new things, by projecting and developing new business models and challenges that nobody would have realized before.”"
Carlos Marquerie

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