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Design Skills

Design Skills is a first year seminar taught by Ruxandra Iancu Bratosin for students studying the Bachelor in Design. This seminar focuses on introducing students to the holistic process of design in areas ranging from research to prototyping.

Project descriptions

Students are instructed to create a product or strategy, or to hack an existing process inside the Muji universe of services. Projects range from material research to fashion and industrial design.


This project focused on hacking an existing, common object in order to allow it to become a thing of play. By slightly modifying the geometry of your typical clothes pin, the object becomes a connector piece, allowing children to create their own imaginative, temporary structures at larger scales.

Beyond Packaging

Researching Muji’s packaging behavior, this project focused on creating alternatives to plastic. We’ve created completely biodegradable, durable and sustainable materials that have no negative impact on the environment or the users. Additionally, once they’ve been used and thrown away, they become plant fertilizer.


In a world where living spaces continuously become smaller, and our necessities become larger, the Pacaza team proposes furniture that changes as fast as you do. We present to you a customizable shelving unit that becomes auxiliary furniture and adapts to your changing needs.


In the research phase, the Asobi team found that Muji does not produce children’s toys and saw an opportunity. Following Muji’s aesthetics and Japanese values, this project aims to evoke discovery and curiosity, allowing endless possibilities for play.