Reine Essobmadje

Founder and CEO | Evolving Consulting

Reine Essobmadje holds a Global Executive MBA from Spain’s IE Business School, with an additional qualification in Ethics & Corporate Governance from SMU Singapore. An engineer by trade, Reine graduated from ECE Paris—where she was inducted into the School Hall of Fame—in 2004 with a Master in Science, and also studied Management at Stafford University in the UK.

In August 2020, her work was recognized with the “Women Inspiring Women” EPIC (Extraordinary People Inspiring the IE Community) Award from IE Business School. In 2009, she founded Evolving Consulting, a consultancy firm specialized in digital transformation, in Cameroon and France.

Reine is recognized for her expertise as a top African woman in tech, and works as an international consultant both for the European and African Union, the World Bank and African Development Bank, the International Telecommunications Union, Governments, and in the private sector. She’s very active in several organizations related to her area of interests, like women in STEM, entrepreneurship and more.

She’s the President of the Digital Economy Committee and a Vice-President of the Cameroonian Business Council, GICAM. Prior to joining the board, she was a Board Member at Air e-Go, the West Parisian Business Council. Reine is also the Cameroonian Ambassador of Women In Africa and the Co-Founder of Digital Coalition.