Edwin Diender

Chief Digital Transformation Officer | Huawei

Edwin Diender is a blue ocean strategist for Huawei Enterprise and a frequent speaker at events around the world. An expert in a range of subjects—from big data to safe and smart cities to enterprise solutions—Edwin is neither a salesman nor a technologist. He is a tech strategist accustomed to larger concepts.

Edwin has proposed several initiatives over the past five years in his field. In 2020, he initiated The Hierarchy of Needs for Connected Cities and Industries; in 2018, he developed and launched the Universal Framework for Smart City Construction visualized via the Rubik’s cube principle; in 2017, he introduced the Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) as the Brain and Nervous System for Smart Cities; in 2016, he initiated First Safe Then Smart as a principle for safe city to smart city transformation. Prior to that, Edwin developed and launched Secure Converged Communications in Europe in 2005. He also pitched and sold one of the first IP communications platforms “as a service” to the Dutch market in 1998.

Additionally, Edwin has been globally involved in several programs, ranging from small to large roll-outs across the value chain. He is experienced in bringing to market concepts and solutions for Smart City/Safe City and eGovernment, including the Collaboration-enabled Business Process (CEBP), the Future of Work, and Big (Video) Data Analytics.

Edwin joined Huawei at the end of 2011 to help establish the Industry Solution Sales practice for the WEU region. In 2013, he became the spokesperson for global analyst organizations and international media. Edwin coaches and mentors new employees and is also a part-time lecturer at Huawei University. Additionally, he’s a contact for non-profit boards, standardization bodies and advisory councils (like UN-Habitat, ABAC, WEF, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, sHero China and IE University).

In 2015, Edwin was appointed CTO in the UC&C Marketing and Solution Sales department in Huawei’s head office in Shenzhen. He has also been named Most Valued Professional (MVP) in Huawei Enterprise. In 2016, he became Vice President of the Government & Public Sector. Since 2018, he has been Vice-Leader of the Marketing & Solution Sales department, High-Level Executive Communications Leadership team.

As Chief Digital Transformation Officer in the Enterprise Business Group, Edwin helps customers and partners with business growth, innovation and energy transition throughout their digital journey, focusing on smart city/safe city economics; digital governance and cloud; the future of work; big data analytics; and digital transformation for intelligent cities (leveraging the Universal Framework for Smart City Construction and The Hierarchy of Needs for Connected Cities and Industries).