Bachelor in Politics, Law and Economics (PLE) Shape the future of societies and organizations.

Play a leading role in shapping the world. A cutting-edge bachelor that prepares future leaders with a deep understanding of global, political and economic transformations.

The Bachelor in Politics, Law and Economics is a multidisciplinary and practical degree for students who want to learn about the dynamics of the system underpinning the modern world. Through the integration of knowledge and hands-on experience in politics, law and economics, students deepen their understanding of how the three fields are connected, empowering them to make a significant impact and become agents of change in a globalized world. Created with the joint expertise of IE Law School, IE Business School and IE School of International Relations, this innovative degree prepares professionals with a strategic and analytical mindset to shape future societies, governments and organizations on a global scale.


4 years




Segovia and/or Madrid

Insight into the program

This program integrates theory and practical learning through advanced seminars, case studies, IE Labs and real-world projects. This way students can combine their knowledge of politics, law and economics to become multidisciplinary professionals. They are trained to understand the relationships between a variety of disciplines that underpin social and governmental systems. By integrating these three fields of knowledge, students are better able to adapt to the globalized workplace and make a meaningful impact on social change and development.

Why study a Bachelor of Politics, Law and Economics at IEU?


Students of the Bachelor of Politics, Law and Economics (PLE) spend their first two years at the Segovia campus, and then finish the degree at the Madrid campus.