Bachelor in Politics, Law and Economics (PLE) Shape the future of societies and organizations.

Play a leading role in shapping the world. A cutting-edge bachelor that prepares future leaders with a deep understanding of global, political and economic transformations.


4 years




Segovia and/or Madrid

The Bachelor in Politics, Law and Economics is an applied and multidisciplinary degree for those wanting to learn about the system dynamics underpinning how the world works. By integrating knowledge and hands-on practice in politics, law and economics, students develop a deep understanding of the dynamics that rule the relations between these three fields, empowering them to become agents of change and have a meaningful impact in a globalized world. Conceived from a joint effort of the IE Law School, IE Business School and IE School of International Relations, this innovative degree prepares a new generation of analytical and strategic professionals who will shape the future of governments, societies, and organizations globally.

Program Overview

A program for analytical problem-solvers and critical thinkers who are passionate about understanding how disciplines interact with each other in global contexts.

Experience Practical Learning

We connect theory with practice through diverse methods like case studies, advanced seminars, IE Labs, and real-life projects. These provide students with hands-on experience that simulates real-life challenges to foster their professional development in international settings. Through our practical learning approach you will truly learn how to combine your knowledge in politics, law and economics to solve global challenges.

Be backed by experience and prestige

This degree has been conceived by bringing together the expertise of IE Law School, IE Business School and IE School of International Relations. Each of these Schools is recognized worldwide for academic and teaching excellence. The combination of the expertise provided by the three schools represents a unique multidisciplinary approach to studying politics, law and economics.

Have an impact at a global scale

You will receive the necessary training to deeply understand the relations between diverse disciplines that outline the development of social and government systems. Having a multidisciplinary training in these fields will help you build a versatile profile capable of adapting to the complex globalized workplace of today and having a deep impact in development and social change.

Achieve a true integration of politics, law and economics

Learn how politics, law and economics combined can shape governments, societies and organizations. Approach the study of these three diverse but converging fields by truly understanding the relations between each other and the dynamics of their integration in global contexts.