Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

Create digital technologies to drive innovation

4 years




Segovia and Madrid

The gold standard of tech

Digital technology is the life force of the modern world, and computer science is the industry’s gold standard. Computer scientists drive the innovation that defines our future—but there aren’t enough of them. Companies across borders and sectors are in dire need of professionals with these skills. This program is a response to that need. Master topics such as programming, mathematics, and analytics to create the digital technologies that will lead us into the future.

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Why the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence?

This future-forward program is for disruptive individuals aspiring to change the world of technology as we know it. In this degree, you’ll use design theory and innovation to build groundbreaking digital tech.


  • Year one


    You’ll begin by building solid foundations in computer science. Learn the basic principles of programming as well as the fundamentals of data analysis, technology, and innovation.

  • Year two


    In your second year, you will gain an advanced understanding of algorithms and data structures, matrices, and linear transformations.

  • Year three

    Advanced tech

    In the third year, you’ll be ready to uncover everything there is to know about computer science, exploring topics such as software development and high-performance computing.

  • Year four

    Applied knowledge

    Dive into advanced topics like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, fintech, robotics, and automation. Much of your final year will be dedicated to your capstone project, and you may also choose to enhance your studies by taking part in our exchange program.

A future-forward program


World-class faculty

Our top-tier faculty comprises experienced industry leaders and academics.


Tech-studio approach

Put theory into practice with real-world AI projects that use cloud-based resources.


Personalized learning

Build your own path by choosing complementary courses, IEU Labs, internships, and advanced seminars.


Cutting-edge facilities

Take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities and resources on both our physical and virtual campus.