Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics

Harness the power of data. Transform the world.

4 years




Segovia and Madrid

Data drives the world

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine” (Peter Sondergaard, Senior VP, Gartner). The impact big data can have on businesses and the world is unprecedented. This program is designed for fearless, curious, analytical students ready to use data as their weapon of choice to tackle today’s most complex challenges. You will get hands-on experience working with cutting-edge tech on projects with real-world applications and become an expert in collecting, managing and analyzing data to make an impact.

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Why the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics?

This innovative program is in constant evolution allowing students to learn and use the most cutting-edge tools and tech with hands-on projects and real-world applications. You will learn to effectively collect, manage, and analyze data in order to solve complex problems and make an impact in both businesses and society as a whole.

What you'll learn

  • Year one


    Your first year will focus on building a foundation in the liberal sciences. You’ll learn how the latest research methodologies are used to collect actionable data insights and start to think about how collected information can be used to solve complex problems. You will also build a solid foundation in business, statistics, technology and programming, preparing you to dive into data analysis.

  • Year two


    You’ll be exposed to the most cutting-edge tools used in data science, becoming an expert in programming, database modeling, machine learning, forecasting time series and big data technologies. This is the year where the numbers will come alive and you’ll learn the skills in statistics and mathematics necessary to extract meaningful insights from data. Workshops and boot camps will teach you how to work in diverse teams.

  • Year three


    Hands-on classes will teach you how to use recommendation engines, advanced machine learning, cloud computing, semantic analysis, artificial intelligence and parallel computing technologies to solve real-world problems. A datathon will push you to get your hands dirty, solving a specific, real-world business problem by using, crunching, and analyzing data.

  • Year four

    Career focus

    In your fourth year, you will explore different career options and take the electives you want to get started down the right career path. You’ll dive deeper into advanced courses in software development, business analytics and data privacy. And through a final, capstone project you will work with a tutor to integrate everything you’ve learned throughout the program to solve a specific, relevant, real-world problem of your choice.

A Future-Forward Program

Preparing you for the careers of the future

Data is the future source of competitive advantage. Skilled professionals who can gather data and extract value are in high demand. This program prepares you to be a key player in the professional world transforming industries and businesses through the power of data.

Evolving with the industry

This program is built to move and evolve with the fast pace of global technological change. Students will never feel what they’re learning is out of date; they will be at the forefront of the most cutting-edge technologies and methods in the field.

Our faculty are leaders in the field

As the most cutting-edge professionals in the field, your professors will make your learning tangible, bringing their real-world experience, examples and connections into the classroom.

Making things happen

You will use, design and manage the latest data management and analytics tools in datathons, challenges and consulting projects right from the get-go, getting hands-on experience in making change.

Global campus

You will learn with students from around the world, gaining global perspective. The diversity of profiles and ideas will inspire you on campus and prepare you to enter the global workforce.

Collect, analyze, make an impact

You will learn to use the latest tech, tools and methodologies, think critically and work on hands-on projects. You will become an expert in collecting, analyzing and extracting meaning from data in order to make positive change in businesses and society.