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Javier González Domínguez


Javier González Domínguez


Professor, Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

Director Big Data e Innovación Digital, EVO Banco


Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

Machine Learning III

Professional Experience
Ph.D. in Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering. M.Sc. Computer Science, UAM, Madrid, Spain
Senior Data Scientist/Researcher on Machine Learning.
Professional experience in both private and public institutions such as Google Research (New York, U.S.A), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid, Spain), TNO security and defense (Soesterberg, the Netherlands) and Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia).
Several Q1 peer reviewed journal, conference publications and industrial Patents.

Machine Learning: Deep Learning, Generative/discriminative modeling, Bayes Inference (Variational Bayes), Latent Variable Models, Sparse Representation, etc.
Big Data architectures / Learning at Large Scale: Map-Reduce strategies, Apache-Spark / Hadoop, NoSQL databases, etc.