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Alexandre Anahory

About me

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal. From an early age, I developed an interest in science and technology, so I enrolled in an undergraduate program in Physics with a specialization in Mathematics. It was then I realized that my true passion was understanding the mathematical models describing not only the physical world, but also human society and technology. I went on to advance my education even further—I earned my PhD in Mathematics in Spain. Besides that, I’m also enthusiastic about teaching and sharing knowledge with the younger generations. My main hobby is traveling and getting to know other places and cultures. I also like to read and share a table full of good food with friends and family.

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"I am very excited about starting off the new Bachelor in Applied Mathematics, which we intend to convert into one of the best mathematics programs in Europe."

Alexandre Anahory

Sharing a passion for mathematics to drive positive change

Mathematical models are everywhere—from physics to epidemiology, economics and engineering. Alexandre Anahory is driven by a curiosity and desire to understand the mathematics that underpins these fundamentals. Moreover, he would love to possibly create new models explaining what nobody else has realized before.

He is currently a full-time associate professor at IE School of Science & Technology and teaches several applied mathematics courses there. Alexandre is looking forward to starting off the new Bachelor in Applied Mathematics, intending to turn it into one of the best mathematics programs in Europe.

Before coming to IE University, Alexandre gained his PhD in Mathematics from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. During his PhD studies, he worked at ICMAT: an excellent research institute in mathematics, renowned in both Spain and Europe at large. From there, he moved to the Center for Automation and Robotics and worked as a researcher in the design of mathematical models for use in autonomous vehicles and robots. Over his academic career, Alexandre has published several research papers in leading journals in applied mathematics, including the Journal of Nonlinear Science, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics and Numerische Mathematik. He has also participated in numerous research projects.

From Alexandre’s point of view, teaching is about loving knowledge—and loving to share it. Teaching allows him to give back to society. Alexandre describes IE University as “a place where theoretical knowledge meets industrial applications and there are lots of opportunities to research problems that satisfy society’s demands”. Sharing his knowledge in such a hands-on environment is different from his experience in other traditional academic institutions as he sees students driven to solve real-world problems. He is certain this approach will produce highly prepared professionals in every industrial sector, equipped with the most up-to-date mathematical knowledge.

Alexandre Anahory - Faculty Story | IE UniversityApplied Mathematics is the field where all mathematical knowledge is eventually used to find solutions to global challenges. Alexandre explains that students of the Bachelor in Applied Mathematics will go on to tackle issues in a wide range of sectors—healthcare, finance, technology, sports and even law and politics.

The program is designed to prepare students for 21st-century problems. Alexandre explains that while their impact lies in their individual interests, they will nonetheless gain the toolkit to become a technological leader in their chosen specialty.

Alexandre divides the Bachelor in Applied Mathematics classes into two basic categories: fundamental and advanced. In the fundamental classes, mathematicians acquire the specific type of reasoning that distinguishes them from all other professionals. On the other hand, advanced classes prepare students to think critically about relevant global issues—an extremely useful skill for their careers when they need to implement a new solution or are asked to evaluate a new mathematical model.

Many experts on career development believe that success is 90% hard work and 10% talent—Alexandre agrees. The most important key is to work hard. That doesn’t mean forgetting about living and having fun, but being focused, extremely organized and knowing how to establish a list of achievable goals on your way toward success.

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Alexandre Anahory - Faculty Story | IE University

"I am very excited about starting off the new Bachelor in Applied Mathematics, which we intend to convert into one of the best mathematics programs in Europe."

Alexandre Anahory