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Eugénie Dehouck

About me

I was born and raised in Calais, a city on the northern coast of France. I went on to major in Spanish at ULCO (Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale), where I was given the opportunity to study abroad in Spain. This marked the beginning of a lifelong adventure that would keep me in the country for many years to come. A true lover of learning, I make it a point to get as much as I can out of my experiences. While an avid reader, I also take great pleasure in traveling and spending time outdoors.

In the pursuit of lifelong learning

Associate Professor Eugénie Dehouck has experience working in many different areas of education during her fruitful career. After studying abroad in Spain, she fell in love with the country and decided to stay another year to work as a French teaching assistant in Alcalá de Henares. This is where her passion for teaching first came to light.

She got her first job after graduation working for the Spanish Ministry of Defense as a French teacher and translator. There she taught members of the military who went on missions to different countries or who participated as representatives of Spain in NATO. Whilst working with the Ministry of Defense, Eugénie also taught in prominent French companies such as Carrefour, Leroy Merlin, Axa, Alcampo, and Aki Bricolaje.

In addition to her time in the classroom, Eugénie has had much success working behind the scenes. At Vaughan Systems, she headed a team of French writers who published a large collection of French books in collaboration with El Mundo newspaper. Her career has also led her to work as a French editor for publication giants, creating educational material as well as organizing training workshops for teachers of French as a foreign language.

Each of Eugénie’s experiences has played an important role in her growth both personally and professionally. For her, teaching is just as much an opportunity to learn. She has gained an abundance of knowledge throughout her career from her students on a range of topics, including Spanish culture, international politics, and the inner workings of a company.

Eugénie now calls IE University home, where she has been an associate professor in the Language Center since 2017. She teaches many different levels of French, and tries to instill in her students the idea that mastering another language goes beyond just communication; it also opens up your eyes to other realities and makes you more accepting of others.

For that reason, Associate Professor Dehouck likes to mix the theoretical parts of learning with more practical exercises like debates and group discussions about current issues affecting society. Ultimately, she says she wants to foster a curious spirit in her students and encourage them to look at the world from different perspectives. In fact, one of the aspects she loves most about IE University is working with teachers and students from so many different countries.

This love of diversity spills over into her free time, as Eugénie frequently travels and experiences new cultures—although given the opportunity, she’ll always pop back to France. Apart from travelling and continually adding to her extensive book collection, she also enjoys playing sports and getting fresh air on walks through the countryside.

Even with her classes at IE University, Eugénie has never stopped collaborating on publications and editorial projects. She claims that the act of creating and designing something that promotes learning is what makes her happy. When all’s said and done, whether in the classroom or in front of a computer screen, she’s an educator through and through.

"All my experiences have contributed to being the person I am today. I think the key in life is to never lose the desire to learn and to understand that we can learn from any experience."
Eugénie Dehouck

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