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Mariana Niethardt

About me

I was born in Argentina. Like many Argentinians, I have European origins—in my case, German. My great-grandfather emigrated to Argentina after the war. In 2002, I moved to Madrid. I love this city! I started studying law in Argentina, but when I moved to Madrid I decided I wanted to study philosophy, the perfect tool to try to understand our world. Once I finished the bachelor's degree, I decided to continue studying and think deeper, so I started my doctorate in political philosophy. I now work at IE University and take care of my baby boy.

Using philosophy to understand the world and live a better life

Mariana’s passion for philosophy has shaped her career. She worked for almost ten years at Escuela de Filosofía (School of Philosophy) in Madrid, which she describes as a wonderful experience. During her time there, she worked alongside some of the best professors and most well-known philosophers from all over Spain. Mariana also learned a lot from the students, who were all successful professionals and had decided to invest their time in studying philosophy. She realized that regardless of your age or how busy you are, philosophy can enrich your life.

When Mariana first started studying philosophy, she felt that teaching was not for her. However, when she started explaining to friends and family what she was learning at university, she discovered how wonderful it was to share ideas. She says it is a huge challenge to try to help people understand complex ideas, but it is something she really enjoys doing.

Mariana has taught Humanities and Legal Thought in the Arts and Humanities Faculty of IE University since 2019. She feels that IE University is a wonderful place to teach. The diverse life experiences of students and the multicultural environment make debates interesting and challenging. She says she is always learning from her students, discovering new ideas and ways of understanding a problem. “I’m always open to learning,” she stresses.

For Mariana, philosophy is a crucial tool: it helps us think better and understand why things are the way they are, which opens up the possibility of making better decisions. “Philosophy empowers people,” she says. “The more you know and understand, the better you decide about your life.” This is what motivates her: to better understand our world in order to learn how to live a better life.

Mariana’s goals are to continue learning and enjoying life. She loves reading, sailing and cooking—especially pastry, with dulce de leche as the main ingredient. Her greatest passion is spending time with her family and friends. The key to success, she says, is to make sure that you love what you do and feel grateful for what you have.

"By exploring universal ideas, we can learn how to live our life."
Mariana Niethardt