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Ritxi Ostáriz

About me

I live in Córdoba, Spain in the heart of Andalucía, but I am originally from Bilbao. I initially studied to become an architect, later switching to digital design when I realized architecture was not for me. Passion gives me direction and motivation in everything I do, from where I live, to my work, to what I do in my free time. Since finishing my design studies 15 years ago, I have worked with an array of clients and consultancies, and over the last few years my passion has shifted to teaching.

Ritxi Ostáriz
Adjunct Professor of the Bachelor in Design

"I learn from my students at least as much as they learn from me."

Ritxi Ostáriz

Letting passion lead the way

Adjunct Professor Ritxi Ostáriz started his career as an independent designer, working with clients within the music business and the cultural sector. He has led web and motion graphic projects for television, commercials, and animated short films, many of which have been screened at festivals around the world.

After six years of working solo he joined Saffron Brand Consultants in Madrid, followed by some time at Fjord. Realizing he no longer wanted to live in Madrid, Ritxi left Fjord and moved to the south of Spain in search of what he describes as a more human lifestyle.

Just as his passion led him towards design, it later pulled him into the world of education. In addition to his work with independent clients, he began teaching regularly in design schools in different parts of Spain. However, it wasn’t until he joined IE University in 2018 that he started teaching in a long-term program, and so far it has surpassed his expectations. He says it has been one of the most satisfying experiences in his career and admits that he now even prefers teaching design over designing himself.

IE University boasts a very international environment, a mixture of different cultures and personalities which Ritxi says comes in handy in class and inspires creative solutions to problems. He teaches Design Studio I, a course in the second year of IE University’s Bachelor in Design.

For most students, his class is the first time they work hands on with a design project from start to finish. In addition to providing students with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully develop a complete project, Ritxi does his best to foster their passions and guide them towards their individual goals.

Aside from teaching design, Ritxi has many hobbies he likes to do in his spare time. For five years he has been running a radio podcast called El Libro Rojo, where he interviews various experts in anthropology, ethnography and philosophy. He also takes pleasure in connecting with nature. He enjoys hiking and camping, and hopes to get involved in more hands-on craft activities in the future like carving or building.

When students ask what he thinks the keys are to achieving success, Ritxi always answers with the same three concepts: passion, a bit of luck, and bravery. He says passion will drive you, luck will connect you with the right opportunities, and bravery will push you to go after your dream clients. Nowadays, however, he would add a fourth to the list: being the owner of your own freedom, whatever that means for you.

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"I learn from my students at least as much as they learn from me."

Ritxi Ostáriz