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Susana Martínez

About me

I am half Spanish and half American. I decided to study a Bachelor in Business Administration after watching Hollywood movies about Wall Street—I thought the world of capital markets was fascinating! My goal in teaching is to transmit my passion and interest in financial markets to my students. My favorite place in the world is Baiona, Galicia, where I spend all of my summers. It’s the perfect mixture of sea, nature, food, friends and amazing sunsets.

Infusing Wall Street with sustainability

Susana worked for more than a decade in the stock market as an equity research analyst and head of equity research. It was an enriching and dynamic experience where no two days were the same. During this time, Susana learned to adapt to and embrace constant change and new challenges. She later became a CFA charterholder, which was another critical milestone in her career.

As an adjunct professor in finance at IE University, Susana learns a lot from her students and the diverse student body, and in turn, she enjoys transmitting her knowledge and experiences to her class. In some courses, Susana runs a trading game and enjoys seeing how students approach investment and how they’re attracted to new opportunities like cryptocurrencies.

Susana teaches a core finance course, which is critical for students who want to pursue a career in finance. She reflects that the course is also important for helping students develop personal finance skills and as a complement for careers in other fields.

After completing a master’s in CSR and sustainability, Susana decided to pursue a Ph.D. in sustainable finance and move into academica. She was offered the opportunity to teach finance and financial accounting at IE University, and jumped at the chance. She was drawn to the university’s reputation for innovation and diversity, which are a good fit with Susana’s experience and approach to life.

Susana’s new passion is combining finance and sustainability—demonstrating how an investment can do good both from a financial and sustainability perspective. In a new field that is experiencing exponential growth, Susana notes that it is enriching to teach students about different sustainable investments and tools that integrate ESG values into investment decisions. This is emblematic of IE University’s overall commitment to sustainability, which Susana is happy to be part of.

When it comes to the pandemic, Susana believes that IE University has adapted extremely well to this new environment. She notes that it can be a challenge to teach classes both online and in person, but by using breakout rooms and interactive games or competitions, she can bring the two formats together in an engaging way. What’s more, going back to campus was easy for Susana, as the tests and health checks gave her peace of mind. However, she does miss those days when the cafeteria was full of students and teachers!

Outside of work, Susana has a love of literature—a trait that runs in her family. Susana has loved to read from a young age. When she was thinking about her career at age 17, she was torn between finance and literature. Ultimately, she decided to go with finance. Nevertheless, she completed some creative writing courses and, a few years ago, decided to get a BA in English studies. She recently graduated from the program and completed her final project on literature and postcolonialism, a topic she was fascinated by.

Besides reading, Susana loves going for walks or running in Retiro park. She and her family recently adopted a dog, and she enjoys going on walks on a Saturday or Sunday morning and taking pictures of the empty park. Nature is something that Susana has learned to appreciate even more after lockdown.

"One of the keys to success is being humble and embracing new knowledge. The more you learn, the more you realize that there are so many new things to complement your vision. A passion for learning is key—there is no limit to your brain!"
Susana Martínez

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