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Agustín Cuenca Guevara


Agustín Cuenca Guevara


Information Systems & Technology

Starter more than entrepreneur, Agustin has being around the Internet since 1987 where he discovered his passion for how technology changes the way we communicate.

With an IT background Agustin has being delivering projects around the Internet since 1993.

Agustin began his career in several research roles (INTA and GMV) linked with aerospace and software engineering projects.

He began his relationship with Internet in 1987, first as a researcher and then in the business world and was responsible for launching SGI one of the first Internet companies in Spain in 1993 where he installed the first firewall in Spain. He was Director of Internet in Retesa a subsidiary of Banco Santander.

He has founded several companies on Internet: Qarana, Play Wireless, BeRuby.com or Wimba.co.  Founder at Niuco.es created with the objective of transforming education from neurodidactics Founder at Icofunding, created to democratize the participation in early stage projects and startups through blockchain.

He is also an early investor in projects like: Samyroad, Floqq, Grinbuzz, Eqosis , or laexclusiva.org.

He is currently founder and CEO of ASPgems, specialized in developing agile solutions and manufacturer of SaaS products like FacturaGem.com or Neurok.es an online learning platform, based on the principles of neuroscience.

His current interest are linked to education elearning and neuroscience.

Every morning his wife gives him a kiss and says, “you can go and play now” and off he goes to work. Two great passions: the web and team building. Recently taken to mountain bike riding on weekends.

Corporate Experience

• CEO at ASPGEMS since 2006

• CEO at PeI Interim Management 2002-2006

• CEO Qarana Solutions 1997-2002

• Internet Manager Retesa (Grupo Santander) 1995-1997

Academic Experience

 • Adjunct Faculty Professor, IE Business School, Spain, 2015-Present

• External Professor at ESCP 2015-2017

Academic Background

• MSc Computer Science, Polytechnic University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, UPM) 1988

• MBA from ESCP (ESCP Europe Business School). 2003