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Brendan Anglin


Brendan Anglin


Professor, Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics and Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences


Behavior & Talent

Human Sciences and Technology

I have 18 years of experience in education and training at all levels - from company director, to course coordinator, designer and lecturer; in both the private and public sectors; from undergraduate university students to masters level; and more than 40 nationalities. I am responsible for spearheading projects and delivering high-impact sessions, workshops, and courses in the subject areas of Intercultural Communication, Leadership, Negotiations and Presentations. To date, I have taught more than 6,000 students in these subjects.

I have designed new models (such as CO-OPS©, PEXSIX©, P.O.L.I.T.E.©, The Negotiation Jungle©, STAR Presentation©, Ten Pillars of Intercultural Communication© and The Marketing Triangle©) to help teach these subjects.

My courses are generally tailor-made for each client and due to my many years of proven experience, I am able to adapt those courses continuously to the needs of my students. I work with several different teams of instructors who share my experience and belief that learning can be made easy - when you know how.

I have co-authored a book - "The Negotiation Jungle" - which describes the 16 main negotiating styles and a reference book for more than 400 tricks and tactics commonly used in negotiations.

I believe the reason people want to work with me (at ICEX-CECO for example, I have given courses since 2004) is because I am creative, solve problems, adapt continuously, work well with teams and always strive to motivate and develop both my students and the people I work alongside. I not only bring these abilities but also a belief that education can make everyone's life better. To all of that, I add as much energy as possible to all my courses to make the learning experience even more enriching for my students.

And finally, but possibly most importantly, I consider myself fortunate to have learned and to continue to learn from my students at least as much as I share with them.