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Carlos Gallo Villoria


Carlos Gallo Villoria



The financial markets and the investment industry have been the world in which Carlos Gallo has developed his professional career. He has several areas of interest: the evaluation and analysis of the risk return relationship, the creation of optimal and efficient portfolios, fundamental analysis and valuation of companies and all types of investable assets, well as all the issues regarding investments. Carlos Gallo makes a daily usage of the concepts he teaches in courses, and some more, in order to help markets behave in the best efficient manner, for the benefit of all investors.

“Financial knowledge can be as interesting or even more than football, and it is relatively simple to understand technical concepts at a record time”. These concepts are very useful in our lives, and can help determine if the products or services offered by financial consultants are adequate or not. After all, almost every family saves money, asks for a mortgage to buy a house and some years later face the prospects of savings to maintain its living standards towards retirement.

The development of a personal career in the financial markets, starting at MEFF,RV, the Spanish Market for Futures and Options, followed by his incorporation as a derivatives expert at HSBC Investment Bank in Madrid. Some years later he joined Invercaixa Gestión, the financial management firm in which he did specialist investments in global equity markets as the Japanese, British, Swiss and Eurozone. Nowadays he is responsible of the total return managed funds for the fund manager.

Corporate Experience

• Sept 2005 - present. Director Department Total Return, InverCaixa Gestión SGIIC

• 2006 - 2008. Chair Board CFA Spain

• 2003 - 2006. Counselor Board CFA Spain

• Oct 2004 - sept 2005. Manager Director Wealth Management Madrid Area

• Jan 2001 - sept 2004. Head of Eurozone Equity Investments

• Manager cooperation Fund, later merged with the Socially Responsable fund

• Jan 2001 - sept 2004. Analyst Global Sectors Media and Autos

• June 1999 - dec 2000. Manager Technology and Telecommunications mutual funds

• Sept 1998 - dec 2000. Manager of Equities Mutual Funds in the Japannesse, Swiss, British Markets. InverCaixa Gestión SGIIC

• Feb 1995 - aug 1998. Institutional Sales Guaranteed Structures and organized derivatives markets flow. HSBC Investment Bank Madrid

• Feb 1994 - Jan 1995. Equities Options Trader, Mercado Español de Futuros Financieros (MEFF RV)

Academic Experience

• Feb 08. Professor Financial Management I & II EXMBAOL

• 2008. Professor Portfolio Management EFFAS Summer School

• Professor en CFA Charterholder preparation courses, 2004-nowadays, Instituto de Inversiones Bursátiles (IEB), and IE 05-nowadays

• 2008. Conference on Financial Markets IE, Global Master

• 1997. Conferences on derivatives products on Investment Decisions, UAM

• 1993. Professor military Discipline and Tactics, Ejército de Tierra Español

Academic Background

• 1999-2003. CFA Charter holder, Chartered Financial Analyst Institute

• 1994. Scholarship at MEFF RV. Advanced Derivative Training

• Bachelor in Economics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid