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Carlos Santana Viera


Carlos Santana Viera


Operations & Technology

Carlos is a proactive and committed senior executive. He has gained extensive international experience in executive management throughout his various roles in China and Europe. Indeed, He has developed a considerable knowledge in business development strategy and into fulfilling delivery engagements. With is thorough understanding of multicultural environments, Carlos’ soft skills allow him to outperform when facing stakeholders whether they are key customers and suppliers or governmental institutions such as trade offices, embassies and commercial chambers. His work experience combined with excellent leadership abilities and superior education allows him to positively contribute to the development and implementation of innovative business models but will also bring a new edge to current business situations. His personal history demonstrates that Carlos is available to seek opportunities on a global basis (China, Europe and the Americas).

He is currently the General Manager of Yixinou Spain (YXE), a Chinese multinational that manages the largest railway route in the world: China-Spain, among many others. He lived in China (Zhejiang and Shanghai) from 2007 to 2017. His large and vast experience made him a regular participant in debates, forums and seminars regarding to present and future of China and its relationship with Europe. Being invited in 2019 to the United Nations as speaker during the E-commerce week.

Carlos collaborates with the Global Times (the English version of People’s Daily Newspaper). He has also published articles in Expansión, El Mundo and El Periódico.

Corporate Experience

• General Manager, Yixinou Spain (Timex Industrial Investment), Spain, Dec 2018-Present

• Senior Member, Cátedra China, Spain, Oct 2019-Present

• Working Group Coordinator, Spanish Chamber of Commerce, China, Nov 2004-April 2019

• Consulting Specialist, Yiwu-Spain Foundation (FIYE), Spain, April 2017-Dec 2018

• Managing Director & Member of the Board, Zhejiang & Shanghai, Sept 2012-Dec 2018

• Co Founder, Mashang Co. LTD, Hong Kong, Oct 2012-Dec 2015

Academic Experience

• Adjunct Professor of Supply Chain Management, IE Business School, Spain, March 2019-Present

• Invited Professor, UFV, 2019

• Invited Professor, UCM, Spain, 2017

Academic Background

• Ph.D. Candidate in Economics, UCM, Spain, 2019-Present

• MBA in Business Administration, Brown University, USA, 2016

• MBA in Business Administration, IE Business School, Spain, 2016

• Master Degree in Media & Communication Science (Advertisement and Public Relationships), UCM & Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Spain & Belgium, 2012