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Carmen Morales Sánchez


Carmen Morales Sánchez


Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Professor Morales’ background includes 20 years of experience as a Consultant, Facilitator, and 10 years of experience as an Executive Coach working with leading multinational companies.

She has specialized in transformational projects including expertise with both Corporate and individual change management processes: Organizational Reengineering, Strategy Alignment and Business Development, HR Due Diligence, Corporate Responsibility Audit and Emotional Intelligence applied to the top HR Management Systems: Performance Management, Talent Audit, Career Redesign, Leadership Styles, Feedback 360º, Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, High Effective Teams, etc. In this context, she regularly contributes to assist them to redefine their vision and to achieve their goals.

Her business approach is to excel ethical and professional standards, to establish trust with the client, active listening, powerful questioning, direct and open communication, to create awareness, to help to design actions, and to manage progress and accountability.

As a Professor, her main goal is to encourage students and to look into those HR issues most likely to affect multinational companies. For that purpose, she provides my students with the most innovative and successful strategic approaches available for them to address those issues both as employees and as managers, with a particular emphasis on cultural diversity and a people-oriented approach.

Corporate Experience

• Partner. Almagesto

• Manager in Business R&D. HayGroup

• Human Resource Department. Career Development Specialist. Repsol YPF

• HR Junior Consultant. Andersen Consulting

Academic Background

• IE:

-Adjunct Professor for Strategic HR Management: IMBA 07-S6; and IMBA 09
-Adjunct Professor for HR&OB: Master in Biotechnology Management (MBM 08-F1)
-Adjunct Professor for Change Management: Master in Telecom and Digital Business (MTDB 09)
-Adjunct Professor for Organizational Behavior: Master in International Management (MIM 09)

• Universidad Comercial de Deusto (Bilbao-Spain): Associate Professor in Leadership Development and Executive Coaching since 1999

• Universidad Antonio de Nebrija: Associate Professor in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development

• Universidad de Alcalá de Henares: Associate Professor in Executive Coaching

• ESADE Business School (Barcelona, Spain): Lectures to Executive M.B.A. students (2000)

• ESCP – EAP Business School: Guest Lecturer to Seminars in Leadership Development

• AEDE Business School: Guest Lecturer to Seminars in different Master Programmes

Research Areas

• Expert in Emotional Intelligence and Competencies (working with Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis, HayGroup, 1997 - 2002)

• Certified Senior Professional Coach by the International Coach Federation, I am also Group Coach and Outplacement Coach