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D.J. Flynn


D.J. Flynn


Political Science

D.J. Flynn is Assistant Professor of Political Science in the School of Global and Public Affairs at IE University. He is also affiliated with IE’s Center for the Governance of Change. Before coming to IE, Flynn was a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Program in Quantitative Social Science at Dartmouth College and received his PhD in political science from Northwestern University. His research focuses on misinformation, public opinion, and survey and experimental methodology. Most of his ongoing research uses survey and field experiments to study how misinformation distorts public opinion and undermines public health. Professor Flynn teaches courses on public opinion, political communication, and quantitative methods. He is also the director of capstone research projects for IE’s Master’s degrees in International Development (MID) and International Relations (MIR).

Latest Publications

• Lee, N., Nyhan, B., Reifler, J., and Flynn, D.J. (2020). “More Accurate Yet More Polarized? Comparing the Factual Beliefs of Government Officials and the Public.” British Journal of Political Science

• Flynn, D.J., Horiuchi, Y., Zhang, D. (2020). “Misinformation, Economic Threat, and Public Support for International Trade.” Review of International Political Economy

• Carey, J., Chi, V., Flynn, D.J., Nyhan, B., Zeitzoff, T. (2020). “The Effects of Corrective Information about Epidemics: Evidence from Zika and Yellow Fever in Brazil.” Science Advances, Vol. 6 (5)

• Flynn, D.J., Krupnikov, Y. (2019). “Misinformation and the Justification of Socially Undesirable Preferences.” Journal of Experimental Political Science, Vol. 6 (1): 5-16

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