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Enrique Ceca Gomez-Arevalillo


Enrique Ceca Gomez-Arevalillo


Socio Departamento Laboral Ceca Magán Abogados


Comparative Private and Business Law

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Labor lawyer, specialist in dealing with individual and collective dismissals, top management (alta dirección), transfers, employee’s resignations, “unfair loan of employees”, substantial changes in employment conditions, union elections, Social Security matters, TRADE, negotiation of collective agreements and collective disputes, among others, for National and International Companies, from different economic sectors such as Banking, Transportation, Energy, Industry, Hospitality, Insurance and Distribution.

Main operations: i) Management of collective dismissals of 300 employees in the banking sector (€16M), ii) Negotiation of a collective agreement in an airport services provider, iii) Process of succession of a company within a multinational in the materials sector (€4M); iv) Representation of an audiovisual sector company in the challenge of a collective dismissal which affects a staff of more than 1,600 employees (€150M).

Managing co-partner of the firm Ceca Magán Abogados, and head of the labour department of the firm.



  • Executive MBA en IE Business School. May 2014 – May 2015
  • PhD Labour Law candidate at the UCM: 2008.
  • Law Degree from ICADE: 1999-2004. Legal Advice Masters programme (E-1): with a Comillas degree in business studies.
  • Business Administration studies form UNED: 2001-2004



  • Ceca Magán Abogados: 2004 – currently Managing partner of the Labour law Department
  • Managing co-partner of the firm.
  • Lecturer in the LLM/MAB Master's Programme, IE Law School
  • Lecturer in the MAJL Master’s Programme, Garrigues
  • Course leader on labour procedure legislation at ICAM
  • Lecturer in the MAI Master’s Programme, ISDE
  • Coach on MUDE Master’s Programme, UNAV



  • Partner of National Labour Lawyers Association (“Asociación Nacional de Abogados Laboralistas – ASNALA”) and of Spanish Labour Lawyers Forum (“Foro Español de Laboralistas – FORELAB”).