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Enrique De la Puerta González-Quevedo


Enrique De la Puerta González-Quevedo


Operations & Technology

Professor Enrique de la Puerta is an expert in innovation management, having taught in this field for twenty years. In recent years he has focused on research into the development of new products and its impact on competitiveness for the firm in terms of both operations and strategic plans.

In his own words: “I am interested in contributing to the comprehension, development and implementation of the capacity to develop new products and processes that translate into new competitive advantages for the firm. I have tried to convince companies and directors that innovation is not just something that happens in the world of high-tech, but is essential for survival. Innovation is not a question of inspired geniuses, but rather of well-managed practices and processes. It is a disciplined process of conception, experimentation and manufacturing  new ideas for products, processes and services which involves the whole company. Moreover, innovation today requires close collaboration between clients and suppliers. In order to meet this enormous challenge, firms have to integrate knowledge and coordinate the activities of many specialists both inside and out of the firm”.

These ideas are clearly visible in the Serigraph case study, which received an award from the European Association of Operations Management (EUROMA). In recent years, Professor de la Puerta has worked on the influence of product development on new forms of competing. In particular, he has analysed concurrent engineering concepts and modular architecture. The content of professor de la Puerta’s courses includes cases of how this influences companies like IKEA or Spanish group Inditex, whose business models are inseparable from product development.

Professor de la Puerta has a degree in Business Sciences from ICADE and a law degree  from Deusto University. He has combined his academic career with work as a consultant and management training. Until 1997 he rendered different services to the INI group, first as director of the OGEIN (Organisation and Management of Innovation) program, and later as director of consulting at TGI (Technology and Innovation Management). In 1997 he joined IE where he has taught since then while continuing to render consulting services.

Corporate Experience

• 2010 - today. Independent Consultant

• 2008 - 2010. Dr. Business Develpoment IALE SL

• 1990 - 1997. Director of Consulting, TGI

• 1989 - 1990. Director of the OGEIN  program, Fundación Empresa Pública

• 1985 - 1989. Asóciate Director of OGEIN, Fundación Empresa Pública

• 1984 - 1985. Economist, Banco de Bilbao

Academic Experience

• 1997 - present. Adjunct Professor at IE

• 1993 - 1994. Professor on the Master in Science and Technology Management, Universidad Carlos III

• 1988 - 1990. Professor, Escuela de Organización Industrial

• 1985 - 1990. Professor on the OGEIN program, Instituto Nacional de Industria

• 1982 - 1983. Industrial researcher and analyst, UNICAMP-CNPQ. Sao Paulo

Academic Background

• PhD candidate, University of Comillas

• Diploma in Advanced Studies, University of Comillas

• Master in Economic Development, UNICAMP, Sao Paulo

• Law Degree, University of Deusto

• Degree in Business Sciences, ICADE